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 If you like light-skinned women, with a Middle-Eastern look , Azerbaijan will be a paradise for you. Azeri women have long dark hair, seductive brown eyes, and beautiful tanned skin. Azerbaijani brides tend to be very slim as obesity is not a problem in the country. It is usual for any Western men to arrive in the capital city of Baku and just fall in love with the Azerbaijani brides at first site.


Girls from Azerbaijan take care of themselves with regard to fashion, high heels, make-up,  manicures, and hair. You will find these women oozing with sex appeal from the moment you set eyes on them. Azerbaijani brides know how to be super sexy but smart and sophisticated at the same time. 


It is important to remember that Azerbaijan although secular, is still a Muslim country. When you are out in public it is always important to remember this as public displays of affection are not accepted in the country. Azerbaijani brides expect  you to behave like a gentleman at all times with them. 


If you are worried about the language difficulty . please do not. most Azerbaijani women speak some English just as they do in most other FSU countries. The first language is Azeri , followed by Russian which is widely spoken in the country, if you have some Russian language skills you will get some brownie points for sure. 



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Lets learn about Azerbaijan & Azerbaijani women for marriage




Location and Geography of the country. Azerbaijani brides Home Country Info


The Azerbaijan Republic covers an area of 33,891 square miles (86,600 square kilometers). It includes the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is inhabited mostly by Armenians, and the noncontiguous Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which is separated from Azerbaijan by Armenian territory. Nakhchivan borders on Iran and Turkey to the south and southwest. Azerbaijan is on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. To the north it borders the Russian Federation, in the northwest Georgia, in the west Armenia, and in the south Iran. The country is a very mountainous country. The climate is dry and humid most of the year, though the mountain areas can be cold and more temperate weather by the Caspian Sea . The capital city is Baku which is on the Caspian Sea with the countries largest port. For many the the Azerbaijan Republic will probably never of been heard of and may be to much of a daunting trip to make to find you dream women. If you are really committed to this then you should have no fears the country is a safe country to visit for foreigners. Find out exactly where Azerbaijan is on Google maps



Demography of the country.


The population of the Azerbaijan Republic has been estimated to be about 8,000,000. According to the 19892 census, Azeris accounted for 82.7 percent of the population, but that number has grown recently  to roughly 92 percent as a result of a high birthrate and the emigration of non-Azeris. . In 1991, Russians and Armenians each made up 5.7 percent of the total population. However, because of anti-Armenian pogroms in Baku in 1990 and Sumgait in 1988, most Armenians left, and their population (2.3 percent) is now concentrated in Nagorno-Karabakh. Russians, who currently make up of 2.5 percent of the population, began to leave for Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Numerous ethnic groups (up to ninety) of the former Soviet Union are represented in small numbers (Ukrainians, Kurds, Belorussians, Tatars). Other groups with a long history of settlement in Azerbaijan include the Persian-speaking Talysh and the Georgian-speaking Udins. Peoples of Daghestan such as the Lezghis and Avars make up 3.2 percent of the population, with most of them living in the north. Fifty-two percent of the population is urban. You could say the country is very different to much of Western Europe and some may even say a trip there is only for the adventurous amongst you.



Marry a Azerbaijani women from an Azerbaijani women dating site


Usually marriages are arranged in the country according to the partners wishes , though the country has become slightly moderate recently. Both men and women marry to have children and bring up a family, but economic security is another important concern for women. In addition to the civil marriage ceremony, some couples now go to a mosque to get married according to Islamic law. If you are serious in searching for a bride from this country you will be best advised to do some research about the country in general and their customs., the women are very beautiful with that Eastern Charm but it may take lots of effort on your behalf to come close to her and her family. Generally it is muslim men who seek to marry a bride from Azerbaijan as they are more in line with the women culture and values , but Western men from other backgrounds also marry these women and in fact there are many Azerbaijan famous women. 

If you are interested in marrying a women from Azerbaijan in her own country we have some interesting information Here.




Social ettiquet in Azerbaijan & when dating Azerbaijan women

Topicals and conversations regarding  sex and the body usually are not talked about openly in public in the country. Women seldom smoke in public or at parties or other gatherings, and an Azeri woman smoking on the street would be frowned upon by others. To show respect for the elderly, it is important not to smoke in front of older people of both genders.  Bodily contact between the same sexes is usual as a part of interaction while talking or in the form of walking arm in arm. Men usually greet each other by shaking hands and also by hugging if they have not seen each other for a while.  Activities such as drinking more than a symbolic amount, smoking, and being in male company are associated more with Russian women than with Azeris. For Azeri women it would not be acceptable behavior and would be frowned upon by her friends and family. If you visit the country it is very important to stick to the values of the women you are visiting, you could say these women have had a very strict up coming and even making contact with a foreigner can be frowned upon even more so with marriage in mind.



So You Have Decided To Search For An Azerbaijani Bride? Here Are A Few Reasons Why

You Will Fall In Love With Azerbaijan 's people


1. Friendliness And Welcoming People


Even if you are a tourist you will find locals to be warm and helpful towards you. Ask any Azeri for help or information and you will find them only too happy to give you help, don't be surprised if they even go as far as inviting you in for a tea. You will find the younger generation even more friendly even the bonus there is many speak some English.


2. The World’s #1 For Hospitality



Hospitality in the Caucasus is second to none your are probably never going to experience such good hospitality any where else in the world so get ready for it. You will find the Azeri's  welcome guests into their homes and offer endless cups of Azerbaijani tea while serving jam and other condiments you will probably find your self not being able to leave for many hours. Where does such hospitality come from? The roots of the hospitality date back centuries. Former rulers were renowned for providing the very best for visiting dignitaries. You will find they treat all guests to the same hospitality.


3. A Modern Society But Still traditional Thinking



From the outside Baku looks super modern however close up the locals are deeply routed to their traditional values and way of life more so than any other modern developing countries. Over hundreds of years different people and cultures have been an influence in the country and many of their traditions have continued in modern day Azerbaijan. Families play an important role in the country with youngsters often looking after older generation parents.


Azeri Are Cultured People


 Azerbaijan has always been a country of cultured people over the centuries many poets and writers  hail from Azerbaijan. Head to Baku’s centre and see six life-size statues of historical, literary geniuses proudly standing . Much of that culture still shows through with modern Azeri people.


Azeri Women Are Respected


In 1918, Azerbaijan became the first Islamic country to give women the vote.  In todays modern Azerbaijan it is very common to see women hold high positions in government office and while they do follow traditional gender roles they have a level of respect from Azeri men. Women are treated as in many former Soviet Union Countries  with respect , where it is expected to hold doors open, give up their seats and insist on paying. Azeri women though Muslim dress very fashionably and follow the latest trends  and in todays modern Baku few women still wear traditional head scarves.


The Azeri Music Scene 



Since the Eurovision was held in Baku the world has come to love the music , which is now often heard throughout Europe. . The music styles combine elements of folk and modern pop with the traditional. Take any Taxi in Baku and you are likely to hear the music playing loudly, do not be surprised it it makes you feel like a dance.


Azerbaijan Is Safe As Houses



Walk around the streets of Azerbaijan at any time of the day or night, and it feels safe something that is now nearly impossible to do in any Western city. Crime is nearly zero compared to the rest of the Western world. Often you will see young children playing outside until the late hours of the evening totally safe, does this happen in your own city or country?


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Visiting the country to meet a Azerbaijani girl you met on an Azerbaijani women dating site


If you have decided to visit the country you will probably need to apply for a visa to enter, you can find some information here on visa requirements: