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There are three countries that make up the Baltic countries  Lithuania , Latvia and Estonia. All three countries were formerly in the Former Soviet Union and all three countries are still very popular hunting grounds for Western men seeking a Baltic bride or a baltic women for marriage. Baltic women are very similar in characteristics to Russian and Ukrainain women so if you love a Slavic women you'r going to be very very happy if you'r lucky enough to marry a baltic bride. Baltic women for marriage are undoubtedly much sort after women some men are happy to travel all across the Atlantic to meet baltic women in the hope of marriage. If you find yourself dating a Baltic women for marriage your not going to be disappointed , these women just ooze with femininity and style and certainly know how to dress to kill but at the same time remain stylish and sexy. 

Baltic ladies looking for marriage are easy to start communicating with on any of the Baltic brides dating sites.





1      What Do Baltic Brides For marriage look like

1.1   Dating Baltic Women Is There Going To Be A language Barrier

1.2    What Do Baltic Women look like

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1.4    How To treat Your Baltic Women For Marriage. Chivalry Is King

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What Do Baltic Brides For Marriage Look Like?




If you looking for stunning  women for marriage you certainly will not be disappointed when it comes to these Baltic ladies seeking marriage. If you are looking for a blue eyed girl then you should try Estonia as the country is well known for women having the most beautiful blue eyes. If you are looking for beautiful faces then probably Lithuania wins hands down there. 

Generally Baltic women for marriage have the same characteristics and style as Russian and Ukrainian women so if your looking for a stylish women who likes to dress to kill , knows how to look super sexy then your not going to be disappointed with baltic women and of course visiting the Baltic countries is considerably cheaper than visiting Ukraine or Russia. Now has never been such a good time to sign up to a Baltic brides dating site to find the women of your dreams.



Dating Baltic Women Is There Going To Be A  language barrier?




From all the Baltic ladies, those from Estonia have the strongest English skills, while the girls from Lithuania have the weakest English speaking skills. Latvian women speak well English, but there are some problems with Russian girls that don’t speak it at all. Generally the younger women from the Baltics will speak at least some English as it is widely taught as a second language in many schools however the older Baltic women may not be so good with the English language.

If true love is there the language barrier has never been a problem for any couple to get over and with todays modern translation tools such as Google translate it is fairly easy to have some basic conversation even if your Baltic lady has no English ability.

You will also find that many Baltic brides speak Russian as well as their native language, if you have learnt a little Russian you may have a little bonus there.





Dating Online Baltic Brides Dating Sites Tips For Legitimate Baltic Brides Dating Sites



As with most countries a few years back nearly everyone met their partner at either work a night out or a night club or School and this is no different for Baltic women for marriage. 

Nowadays, dating someone that they have met online has become one of the most common methods to meet somebody. In the year 2000, this practice was only acceptable for some people, while from 2010 and on, dating online was a very normal thing for the young and middle-aged people to do, there are many local dating sites in the Baltics for Baltic women to meet a partner for marriage though the Baltic women wanting marriage with a foreign man are usually signed up to one of the many Russian Dating sites. 

If you are interested in searching for a Baltic women for marriage then probably your best starting point is one of the larger Eastern European dating sites or Russian brides dating sites, usually there will be a search facility to search for women from any of the three Baltic countries. 

Baltic women signed up to online sites seeking a foreign man for marriage are usually very serious women who are not looking for fun and excitement .



How To Treat Your Baltic Women For Marriage. Chivalry is king!




When it comes to dating Baltic women much is the same as other Eastern European they expect the man to be their knight in shinning armor , it is common practice for the man to always open doors for the lady, to pull her chair up to take her coat for her when in a restaurant or bar and generally to act like a gentleman at all times.   

Baltic women usually expect the guy to settle the bills although if you are in a serious relationship this is not so important today. Back in the 1990's after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Baltic States gaining their independence it was easy to arrive in any of the three countries, flash your passport about and a little cash and soon enough pick yourself a Baltic bride up.

Today it is a little different Baltic ladies usually have their own income and turning up with your UK or US income may not be as impressive as it was 20/30 years ago.

The difference between cultures may look very obvious when you want to hook up with a Baltic women. Baltic women like to dress stylish and spend time making themselves look good for their partner, they also like they partner to dress smart when needed, to be polite and act like a gentleman at all possible times, some thing that has slowly disappeared from Western culture.


So – The Best Country To Meet Baltic Women For Marriage




It is not easy to say which of the Baltic countries are the best to search for a baltic bride for marriage but I would like to pick up a few points on Lithuania as this country has a huge population of young women who all seem to speak English to a reasonable standard it is also a country that is accessible by air train and road very inexpensively. 

According to the Western standards Lithuania is a cheap country to visit, but the quality of life there is really good, especially in Vilnius, the capital. What is nice about this place is that it hasn’t been yet ruined by drunken western tourists, and groups of young western men who have arrived just for a stag night, which as we already know has ruined several capitals of some smaller Eastern European countries over the last few years.

Picking up Lithuanian girls, these girls are not usually the one night stand girls and prefer a man who is willing to take his time with them and put some effort in to show he really is a serious guy when it comes to dating. 

As with all Eastern European women Lithuanian women prefer a man who knows what he wants in life and has a positive attitude towards life and relationships. They like a man that is smart and knows how to look after himself and of course a man who acts like a gentleman at all times.

Latvia is also considered a top country to meet a beautiful Baltic bride and with Russia just on the border you will find Latvian women are very similar to Russian women in personality and style, just walk up any street in Riga and you will be amazed at the beauty of these women.



Conclusion On Baltic Women For Marriage On Trusted Baltic Brides Dating Sites




Baltic women are undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe many guys consider traveling to Russia or Ukraine troublesome so the Baltic countries are an obvious alternative. If you are a serious guy searching for a Eastern European women for marriage you cannot go wrong with the Baltics. Marry a Baltic women and you will have a life long friend, lover and stylish women on your arms.


5 Facts About Baltic Brides and Baltic Women Dating Sites 


  • 1. Baltic brides ooze with sex appeal 
  • 2. Baltic brides Are traditionally Christian 
  • 3. Baltic brides are very interested in foreign husbands
  • 4. Baltic brides are educated and smart 
  • 5. Baltic  brides are very traditional when it comes to marriage and relationships




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