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Do You Need A Good Reason To Marry A Belarusian Bride? 5 Good Reasons To Marry A Belarus Bride 

Have you decided to search for a Belarusian bride for marriage? Do you need a good reason to continue your searches for a beautiful Belarusian bride? Probably not, but just in case you need a few more reasons here are 5 means why marriage to a Belarusian bride really can be a life changing event. So here we go:


  • 1. Belarus brides for marriage are traditional women and family orientated. Like other mail order brides Belarusian women really do make great wives. They are family orientated, are easy to get along with and make a trustworthy partner for life.
  • 2. Belarusian women for dating  are easy to date with, easy to communicate with and really will make an effort in the early dating days to make it work out. If you both click you can be sure she will do all she can to make you're dating a success. Dating a Belarusian bride is very different from dating a women in your own country.
  • 3. Belarusian ladies for marriage are genuine and honest and really do work to make your marriage for life. One thing is for sure marry a Belarusian women and you will never regret it, these women really do make fantastic wives.
  • 4. Belarusian mail order brides are smart and sophisticated they know how to dress to impress and you can be sure you will be proud to have her as your wife.
  • 5. Belarusian girls are clever and intelligent most have attended university making them interesting to communicate with. Belarusian girls for marriage really are every mans dream.


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Belarusian Brides and Single Belarusian Women for Marriage & Dating


Have you ever wonderd why so many men decide to search for a Belarusian bride? Belarus women have a lot going for them. Belarusian women are well educated and just like their Russian and Ukrainian sisters look after their feminine side . 

Belarusia is in Eastern but is often over looked by many Western men searching for a Slavic bride. 


However if you are one of the thousands of Western men seeking an Eastern European lady for their traditional family values  then you really should take a look at Belarusian women to marry. A big mistake many foreign men make when searching for a women with traditional family values is to treat them like maids,  and not as an equal partner in a marriage , it is important  not to be one of these guys.

If you are really set on finding a women with traditional values then Belarusia is the place to search. Find yourself a good Belarusian dating site and start your searches.






What Are Belarusian Brides like ? Why Should You Marry A Belarus Bride?


Belarusian Brides often make a Western man feel totally new because they’re so completely and utterly different to the women you have known and dated for so long, in fact you'r going to love your experience with a Belarusian women to marry. 

They’re independent but not domineering or rude. They’re beautiful, but not vain.  To sum it up they’re the opposite of everything you’ve been taught to accept as “normal”. This means their independence doesn’t come at the cost of ruined relationships and ongoing bitterness towards men. Belarusian women are probably the most feminine women you are ever likely to come across in your life, you'r not going to be disappointed even if you are searching for a mature Belarusian bride.

Visiting Belarusia you will notice there are many  tall blonds and exotic brunettes. Just like their  Slavic cousins, Belarusian Brides  pay a lot of attention to fashion  they spend lots of time making sure they always look absolutely stunning for their partner or husband  a common outfit is a skirt, jacket with high heels, probably every mans dream. Having a Belarusian wife will make you the envy of all your friends.

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 Why You Should Date Women From Belarus ?


1. Pure Beauty 


You probably would off already heard Belarusian women are among  the most beautiful women in the world. The International Super model stage has multiple Belarusian women amongst them. Belarusian women are absolutely stunning with long blonde hair, beautiful penetrating blue eyes, a tall stature and high cheekbones. Many Western men searching for a Belarusian bride for marriage think these beautiful women are Russian , they are not!

Belarus women certainly resemble their Russian and Ukrainian sisters with the usual features you  find on Slavic women but there are other differences to distinguish them from Russian or Ukrainain women.

Belarusian beauties  have long hair, clean perfect skin, full lips, and slim bodies. Though the vast majority of Belarusian women are blondes they’re not all blondes so expect to see redheads and brunettes with brown or hazel eyes, also.

The sheer beauty of Belarusian women is outstanding and with the fact most Belarusian Brides are naturally tall – the average woman here is at least 5-feet 6-inches in height, and even that is still not as tall as many of these Belarusian women. Do you fancy having a stunning beauty and tall wife?


2. Belarusian Women Are Wonderful 



Belarusian women are sweet and wonderful women they  have seldom been messed about with in life as usually Belarusian men are serious men and do not like to play games with their women.

You could say  Belarusian women are country girls even if they happen to live in a big city, Belarusian love the country side and often spend holidays or summer weekends out of the city in the dacha.

Always treat your Belarusian bride with respect just as you would any other women from your country.


3. Women From Belarus Are Educated



As with most Eastern European countries the vast majority of Belarusian women are highly educated , education is an important part of life, the results of this are you will find it normal to find sexy doctors or Lawyers looking for a foreign husband.  

If you are looking for a smart highly educated women then Belarusia is certainly the country to visit and start your searches, On average Belarusian girls spend nearly fifteen years of their lives devoted to education. 


4. Belarusian Brides Are Keen To Meet Western Men


Belarusia is not in the European Union and is a former Soviet Union country, the country is fairly poor and with the increasing number of household having access to high speed internet more and more Belarusian women for marriage are seeing much more of Western life and realizing it is something they wish to be part of. 

You will also find Belarusian girls do not get as much attention as their Russian and Ukrainian sisters meaning it is more the reason to visit Belarusia to find a Belarusian girl to marry.


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What Do Belarusian Brides Online Look For In A Marriage Partner ?


As you have already learned Belarusian women are highly educated women , if you are the shy type you may find it hard work with a Belarusian bride as they will expect you to be able to hold an interesting conversation on a variety of topics and of course have knowledge of world wide events.

Something you may find Belarusia girls rather cold on your first meeting , Belarusian women do tend to have stern faces, but it is not as bad as you may think, after dating a Belarusian girl she will get to know you better so feel more at ease with you. It is important  not to be intimidated by this… because Belarusian women just like their Russian and Ukrainian sisters  like confident men who know what they want out of life.

Belarusian Brides search for a man who is financially stable , but that does not mean they are Gold diggers! You must remember these women are going to give up their home , job and leave family and friends behind to relocate  to your country and they need to know that their future partner at least has a home and income enough to support a future family.

Most Belarusian women here are extremely traditional, and they expect to be courted and treated like a lady something that has been long lost with Western Women. You’d do well to open doors for her, present her with a bunch of flowers for no reason, and generally just live up to her expectations of what a real man does when dating this may seem very old fashioned to you when it comes to dating but as with all other Eastern European countries , this is how the women expect a man to behave.

Belarusian women look for serious long term relationships leading to marriage , so if you'r looking for some short tern fun and games Belarusian women for marriage certainly are not for you. 

If you really want to score some brownie points from your Belarusian girl then learn some Russian even if it is a few simple sentences , even better learn a little about her country and language , just doing this is going to really impress any future Belarusian girl for marriage.

Belarusian women usually like to settle down and have a family early in life and you will find that it is normal for Belarusian women to be married with kids at the age of 30, so women over 30 open up lots of dating opportunities for Western guys who are more than happy with a thirty-something Belarus bride for a wife.



How To Win the Heart Of A Single Belarusian Bride

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Some men will find it easier than others to win the heart of a Belarusian bride , the most important point is honesty , as with any successful relationships honesty plays a key part and it is important to remember in this part of the world traditional values from the medieval ages are still very strong here, it is very important you do not forget this fact when visiting Belarusia otherwise you may find yourself loosing your perfect Belarusian girl on the first date.


Belarusian women will respect you based off of how you treat her, honesty, sincerity, respectfulness will take you a very long way with a Belarusian bride.


A man's in any Belarusian women eyes is to be her protector. They are looking for the traditional ideal of a man. They are not expecting you to be Super man or some movie hero, just a man who knows how to look after his lady is good enough for any Belarusian women. You could compare it to being back in the medieval days where you will be the knight and she will be your princess.

If you remember these tips when you start dating a Belarusian women you will already be on the way to finding your perfect Belarusian girl for marriage.



Dating Tips To Impress A Woman From Belarus


Dress smart


By now you will of come to understand how these beautiful  women dress to impress. They love to look sexy but smart and sophisticated , some times it will take them several hours to get ready to go out. It works both ways! They like to look good and  be with a guy that looks good. She's going to be in her high heels with a tight fit shirt and jacket, somehow you're just not going to look right with her in your shorts and sneakers walking into a restaurant .
Belarusian women love a guy who takes good care of himself, do this and you have already one part of her heart.A man who takes great care of his appearance has already won half the battle to winning a Belarusian girl’s heart.

Say Your Piece



Belarusian women like men you are confident in themselves and speak their own mind, for them it is a sign of intelligence. If you'r out on a date with your Belarusian bride and you have something you want to say, then say it.

If you have any worries or any issues at any time with your Belarusian partner , she is going to respect you much more if you speak your mind and not just let it simmer away. 


Belarus Women vs. Western Women



One of the biggest differences between Belarusian women and Western women is your Belarusian Bride is she is never going to emasculate you, you will always be the man of the house and you will always be expected to act like the man of the house.

Belarusian women  have no desire whatsoever to “wear the pants” in the relationship. Of course they want to be treated as an equal partner , however you will not find your Belarusian women wanting  the feminist ideals that exist in throughout the Western world, many Western men find this very desirable.


Belarusian women are absolutely 100% women and act how women acted many years ago in the West. Your Belarusian wife will always look impeccable for you and will be the envy of many of your friends, she will look sharp, sophisticated and sexy when you'r out in public with her, so much so that do not be surprised if you see many guys looking at her.


Belarusian women are usually much tougher than their western counterparts. The nice thing about a wife from here is many of them are capable of great endurance and problem solving , she will be your rock in good and bad times and of course will expect the same in return. Many Belarusian women have endured tough times in their life so you can be sure it takes a lot to get these women worked up.

Because of the tough times and problems that needed to be solved you will find Belarusian girls much better at problem solving that Western women, which is good when it comes to relationships as they are far more willing to work with you instead of giving up. 

If you do ever have problems with your Belarusian wife , you should be able to work it out because she will almost always prefer to solve your problem than to end the relationship which has become more the norm in the West where so many women would just rather end the relationship as soon as a problem comes along. Belarusian women do not have this mentality and generally marriage is considered something that will be for life not just a few years.


Do You like The Sound Of It So Far ?  So Where Is Belarus?


So your are really interested in Marring a Belarusian women ? At some point you will be visiting Belarusia so it is best to learn a little about where the country is situated in Eastern Europe , but where exactly ? take a look at Google Maps.



You can see from the map Belarusia borders Russia and Poland , flying  to Belarus is very easy as there are international flights from nearly all European cities to the capital city of Minsk , but the great news is it is now Visa free to visit Belarusia for a 30 day period , this new visa waiver program has only recently been introduced , so now has never been a better time to go searching for your Belarusian mail order bride.


The new visa waiver is a huge positive change for Belarusia because for years Belarus followed the same set of  rules as Russia, and making a visa to visit Belarusia although was very easy it still was lots of hassle for many men and often involved visits to a Belarusian embassy.

Now you have 30 days of completely hassle free visiting in Belarusia.


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Belarus information


Belarus is a fairly small country in Eastern Europe bordered on the west by Poland, Ukraine to the south, Russia to the east, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north you could say it is near Western Europe than many other Eastern European countries.

The capital of Belarus is Minsk and although Belarusia is a poor country they have slowly been improving the economy and you will probably find Minsk comparable too many other Western European cities.


Belarusia is a very safe country to visit , you will be perfectly safe walking around Minsk in the early outs of the morning in any neighborhood something that is nearly impossible in any other Western cities today.


Belarus  suffered considerably during the 20th century. During the second World war It was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting in Europe, there was also  the Russian Civil War, and the Russo-Polish War of the 1920s all having a heavy toll on the country, in all the last century has brought much death and troubled times to the country.

Belarusia has always managed to keep its Soviet era style and visiting some of the smaller cities it is easy to think you are in the Soviet Union as much has not changed.


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Good luck finding your Belarusian bride.


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