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The Best Russian Dating Sites

The Best Russian Dating Sites

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Western European and USA men who have decided to seek love and romance overseas you have probably sometime thought about trying the Russian dating site thing.

It is well known all over the world Russian women are noted for their natural beauty, with the fall of the iron curtain travelling to Russia is a very easy task indeed compared to 25 years ago.

One of the biggest challenges to any man who decides to try Russian dating is to find the best Russian dating site, where they know they will be able to speak to real single Russian women looking for marriage with Western men. So how do you go about finding the best Russian dating sites?

The first port of call for any guy searching for a Russian dating site should be Google, where you can search the words "best russian dating sites" As you will see there are many hundreds of Russian brides sites out there, you will probably have 100/200 sites in front of you, so many to choose from. How can you be sure you choose the best Russian dating site out there?

Here are some simple tips that will help you narrow the search down to 2/3 sites to choose from. The best tip is always pick a site from the first 1/3 pages of search results, because if you cannot find the site how will other guys searching for a Russian dating site find It? it is always best to stick to a Western owned and managed Russian dating site where you will know there will be some customer service and you have a good chance of really meeting a russian women. Most of the Russian owned and managed dating sites are totally fake, along with the Russian girls who are members on their sites. It is a sad fact that most Russian dating site operators would rather cheat their members out of money than give them a good genuine service.

A very good tip is to check the ownership of the site with a WHOIS check in Google, this will tell you if the operator of the site allows the general public to see who owns it, if they hide ownership you should ask yourself why?

If you want to be sure of finding the Best Russian dating site stay well away from all the sites that are full of young 20 something model looking girls, you can stake your life on it they are all fake Russian brides placed there to tempt you to register at their site.

If you really want the best possible chance of finding a real Russian women you should stick to a site that has a broad selection of women of all ages and all looks, I mean if you go to any Russian city do you really think every women there will be stunning, 20 something years old, blonde and looking like a barbie doll.

Real Russian dating sites have a wide selection of real Russian just like any city in Russia.

Another good tip is to Google your chosen dating site and check the feedback out there, most of the bad sites out there have stacks of bad feedback all over the net, from guys who have met scammers on the sites to guys who sent thousands of dollars to fake Russian single women, some stories are so crazy it makes you wonder what got into the heads of some of these guys , to send a total stranger a huge amount of money.

But the most important point at all times for any guys who sign up to a Russian dating site is to use common sense, providing you do that you can be sure all will be ok.

A very good source for reviews of Russian dating sites can be found at