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Which Russian Dating Sites Are The Best


Which Russian dating sites are the best?


Best Russian dating sites How to Find one?

When considering using any Russian dating site  it is important to remember Most Russian dating sites cater for all women from the FSU (Former Soviet Union)  countries and not Just Russian women. Any

Google search for Russian dating sites will give about 6 million results, so how do you decide which Russian dating site is the best?


When searching for a Russian women or a women from the FSU countries you will find two types of sites to connect with them.


  1. 1. Russian sites such as mamba, VK and other communities. Used by women usually living in Russia.
  2. 2. International Russian FSU Sites: Used by girls who are looking for a foreign husband or romance with a foreigner.

Obviously If you have no intentions of relocating to Russia or any FSU country there is no point signing up to any Russian local site. The women on these sites are not interested in moving abroad and probably have never  even taught about it. Some foreign men join sites such as Mamba hoping to meet a Russian women there, and yes it is very easy to start communicating with a few  women there , but you can be assured they will only be interested in chatting out of curiosity , when it comes to asking them to leave their country and family behind to relocate to your country  they simply will not be interested in leaving their country, most girls and women on such sites are perfectly happy with their life in Russia.


International Russian dating sites are a totally different matter. Girls and women who have registered at International Russian dating sites have already decided they want to find a foreign man for marriage and are perfectly happy to relocate to another country or at least give it a try. Many of these women will already have friends who have met their husbands on a International dating site and probably have friends living all over the world, but it is important to remember at this point the percentage of Russian women that actually want to find a foreign husband is relatively small, despite stories you may of read about Russian women all wanting to escape their terrible life in Russia.


2 Models of international Russian dating sites to meet FSU women


There are 2 main types of International Russian dating sites and it is most important you only select one type.


  1. 1. Monthly membership Subscription  (you pay. monthly fee for 1,3,6,12 months)
  2. 2. PPL (pay-per-letter you pay to read or send each letter)


The most important part of any search for a Russian dating site is to Never use option 2 the PPL sites if you do, you can be assured of being ripped off.


Option 1. There you pay per period of time via a subscription , allowing you to write as many letters as you wish, you will have unlimited contact with all the ladies on the site and will be totally free to exchange personal contact information with as many ladies as you want. If you want to copy paste the same message to 300 women every day it is fine. If you wish to give any lady your personal contact details at any time and start communicating with this women off site it is fine. This option of a Russian dating site is just like any other mainstream dating site. is an example of this type of International Russian dating site and its always the best Russian dating site option to use.

Option 2. PPL sites are well known for scamming thousands and thousands of dollars from single men searching for their Russian bride. These types of web sites will cost you considerably more than any subscription (pay monthly) web site. Using this type of dating site you are very unlikely to ever meet any Russian women and infant you are very unlikely to be even communicating with any women.

So the bottom line here is PPL is NOT recommended, trust us when we say you will be ripped off using any PPL site.


You may ask why PPL is not recommended ? Why you will probably be scammed using any PPL site? Let us tell you more:


How PPL sites operate with Russian ladies and why you should avoid them at all costs


Many Russian dating sites operate the PPL system which means they will charge for every mail you send, every photo you send and every mail you open from any so called Russian ladies.

Often they will say their prices include translation of your letters, but come on! Its the 21st century firstly many Russian women speak some English, if they do not there is Google Translate that works perfectly well, there is no need for any human translators of any kind.


How do these sites scam Western men?


  • PPL sites use local women who are listed on their sites as looking for a husband.. these women are recruited by local agents.
  • PPL site pays commissions to agents for every mail, chat, and photo share. Whatever you pay, a share of it is given to the agent who recruited the woman in the photo.
  • As you can already understand agents soon get greedy and look to recruit as many pretty young women as possible. Ukrainian and Russian job sites are stacked full of adverts for single women (usually married housewives or students) to pretend to be searching for a Western man for marriage. Is this true?
  • It is very easy for any Western man to check out exactly how these sites operate just by using Google translate. You can do a search for the key phrase “работа брачное агентство” (“work marriage agency”) It is best to go to Google  Ukraine and copy that keyword in you may be very surprised.  Give it a go! You can translate search results very easy using Google translate.a
  • These sites usually pay the girls in several ways, some girls will just be Pais a flat rate for the site to use their photos, whilst another girl will be paid a flat rate per letter she sends.
  • You will never ever be in contact with any of these girls and they will never give you their contact details, they usually sign a contract forbidding them from releasing their personal contact details.
  • Many of the women will also be promised gifts such as perfume or flowers , or they will be prompted by the web site to push the men for gifts or money to be sent to them. The whole PPL system is one of the biggest scams on the internet, but there is some good news and that these sites are becoming more and more well known for the system they operate , hence the decline in men using them.

Best Russian dating sites tips to save you becoming a victim of a scammer

Below are some simple tips to ensure you succeed on any Russian dating site, it is not so hard to find your love on any Russian dating site if you stick to a few basic rules and use some good old common sense at all times.


Top 7 tips to get a real Russian bride

  1. 1. Only ever used the subscription based Russian dating sites when searching for Russian and Ukrainian dating sites, always try to use one of the Best Russian dating sites.
  2. 2. Don't just sit and wait for the ladies to start communicating with you! Copy paste a standard letter to get the communication started and send out a min of 50 mails a day. Once you start communicating with a few ladies you can select your favourites to continue the communication further.
  3. 3. Once you have started communicating with a few favourite ladies move her off site as soon as possible, start communicating in your own time and space via Skype or Whats App
  4. 4. Never let any women try to take you to another web site to continue communication with you! Why would you even think of doing this.
  5. 5. If you find a lady you really like do not spend to much time planning a meeting in the distant future, meet as soon as possible. It is advisable to  meet within 36 months of getting to know each other, many men simply spend to long planning a trip to meet their lady. Women don't want to wait 12/18 months for you to turn up.I
  6. 6. Once you decide to meet your lady always buy your own tickets and if possible arrange your own accommodation. Arranging accommodation in Russia or Ukraine via the internet is very easy even if you speak no Russian.
  7. 7. And the GOLDEN rule! Never send any money to any women you have never met in real life.


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