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Interested in Dating & Marriage to a Georgian Bride?  A Caucasus Dream?


Have you decided to search for a Georgian bride for marriage ? Many Western men decide to search Eastern Europe or one of the former Soviet Union countries for a partner and Georgia is becoming a very popular choice to search for a Georgian women to marry. Georgian women have always been known for their outstanding beauty and it is easy why so many guys travel to Georgia  to find a Georgian bride.

Georgia is still a very untouched country by Western Standards situated in the Caucasus the country really is a beautiful place to visit. If you are serious in your searches for a Georgian women for marriage we hope the information below will help you learn a little about Georgia , Georgian women and Georgian culture.



How Do Georgian Brides Usually Meet Their Partners?



Georgian women are still very traditional when it comes to meeting a partner for dating or marriage, usually they will meet at a cafe or disco or even a family party. Many Georgian women are still not into internet dating unless they are searching for a foreign husband. Though this will probably be changing soon enough as more and more Georgian women come to realize there are other ways to meet guys. 

If you are thinking of meeting a Georgian women for marriage then you will have several options to meet her, you could either arrive in Georgia for a extended holiday and meet a few Georgian women in the traditional way by just socializing in the evenings or by a more modern way such as Facebook or one of the many Former Soviet Union Women dating sites. Either way you will find Georgian women very sociable and easy to strike up conversation with.



Georgian Women For Marriage First Impressions



Georgian women just like so many other Eastern European women love to receive lots of attention from the men but without over doing it. If you meet a Georgian women you should always act like a gentleman and treat her like royalty if you want to win her over! And yes chivalry still counts at all times when it comes to dating Georgian women and it is important to remember that, your going to need to open doors for her, take her hand from a taxi, take her coat when in a restaurant and generally act like a good old fashioned gentleman. 

Georgian women love a guy who likes to dress to impress their women so be sure to at least wear a shirt, trousers and smart shoes on any date with a Georgian girl if you really want to impress her. Many Georgian women speak Russian so if you know a few Russian words you're really going to get off to a good start on your first date.




The Dating culture in Georgia. The Double Date



When dating a Georgian girl especially on the first few dates you should know a little about dating culture in Georgia and a common practice amongst Georgian girls is to bring a friend along on a first dates, this may seem a little strange to you but in Georgia it is perfectly normal, more importantly is that you understand   it will be your responsibility to pick up the bill for both girls. You should also be prepared to pick up the bill for both of them to make it home safely which may involve paying for several taxis.  Some guys may find this off putting but you do not need to worry to much over this issue Georgian girls only tend to do this on the first few dates just so they feel they are in a comfortable situation with a strange man.

There are a few reasons why Georgian girls prefer a double date when meet a guy for the first time :


  • Safety – Remember she does not know you! For her is seems normal to have a friend there to watch over.
  • Guarding her modesty – in some areas of Georgia, you really don’t want to be seen alone with a guy. In small towns, people gossip and a girl’s reputation can be ruined in a matter of hours. Even more so with a foreigner , so she is going to want to protect her reputation.
  • Avoid awkwardness – We all know often there can be awkward moments on any date for many reasons, bringing a friend along will always help with those moments.



How Patriarchal Is Georgia Exactly?



Sexism was not even a word in Georgian dictionaries until a couple of years ago. Yes, really. In rural areas, especially, gender roles can still seem set in stone and to many it will be some thing that is never going to change. You're not going to find your typical Western girl in Georgia with all her feminist ideas that have steadily taken over Western women mentality. This is probably one of the big attractions for Western men who seek a truly traditional wife.

Georgia and Georgian women practice Orthodox Christianity. The Orthodox Church has gained much influence after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most families are at least partly religious and practice it at least out of respect.  If you ask young people, most would define themselves as Christian though you may find many younger Georgian women are not practicing Christians. 



The Winds Of Change Arriving In Georgia


Many claim things are changing fast in Georgia when it comes to gender roles , things are defiantly changing in the bigger towns and cities , but do not worry you still have plenty of time to find yourself a traditional Georgian women for marriage.

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia where you will find  most women are now focused on education, instead of marriage and babies as soon as they reach 18 which has been the way of life for Georgian women for centuries . Parents  are more open to their daughters traveling for school or work. With the internet now widely available and the ever increasing amount of foreigners visiting Georgia it has become more acceptable for Georgian women to marry foreign men.

 In todays modern Georgia girls are given a lot more independence. It’s still not true equality like the Western women enjoys, but times are changing. But again do not worry if you are seeking a traditional Georgian women for marriage there is still plenty of time in fact probably many more years yet.





No Sex On The First Date (Or The Second, For That Matter)



You will find that the vast majority go Georgian girls still live at home with their parents until they find a partner to live with.  Between that, and the fact that most dates are group dates or double dates, so there is very little chance of taking her back to your place or even her place. If your looking for a fast one night stand you will be better off using Tinder though this hook up app is not so widely used by Georgian girls.

So sex on a first date is nearly impossible with a decent Georgian girl. Any decent Georgian women would be extremely offended if you even tried to have sex with her on the first date. But if you're looking for a genuine Georgian women who will make marriage material you will understand it is no big loss being unable to have sex on the first couple of dates with her and she will understand the same about you.



Meeting Your Georgian Brides Parents & Family



If you are lucky enough to be dating a Georgian women at some point you will be invited to meet the parents for some guys this can be extremely nerve-wracking. Most Georgian brides will want to introduce you to their parents pretty fast so be ready for this, but to be honest it is nothing to really worry about, you're going to find her parents extremely welcoming.

Georgian parents get a lot more involved in their children’s love lives than parents in the West. You will find they will want to know every little bit of detail about you and one big question will be "Why have you decided to marry a Georgian girl?" Chances are, they already know every little detail about you from their daughter. 

It is nothing to worry about meeting the parents you will probably find they will lay a big table of food on for you and invite the grand parents along also, so be prepared for lots of socializing and a jolly good feast.


Marrying Georgian Women : Where Can You Meet Them ? A Georgian Brides Dating Site?



At some point you're going to be asking yourself "Where is the best place to meet a Georgian bride?" Not all Georgian women are seeking a foreign husband, in fact very few are actively seeking a husband from another country, but the small percentage of Georgian women that are seeking marriage with foreigners will usually be found on one of the many international dating sites or often one of the Russian dating sites that cater for Former Soviet Union Country women seeking a Western man for marriage.

You will find Georgian brides shy at first even if they are seeking a foreign husband it may take some time before your Georgian women really gets chatty with you, so do not be surprised if she is not so fast to answer any messages you may send her on a dating site, just be patient and hang on in their.



Ok I decided I Want To marry A Georgian Bride. Tell Me A Little About Georgia ? 


Georgia is located at the eastern end of the Black Seaon the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It is bounded on the north and northeast by Russia on the east and southeast by Azerbaijan  on the south by Armenia and Turkey and on the west by the Black Sea. Georgia includes three ethnic enclaves: Abkhazia, in the northwest (principal city Sokhumi); Ajaria, in the southwest (principal city Batʿumi); and South Ossetia, in the north (principal city Tskhinvali). The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi (Tiflis).

The Caucasian Mountains protects Georgia from cold air intrusions from the north, while the country is open to the constant influence of warm, moist air from the Black Sea. Western Georgia has a humid subtropical, maritime climate, while eastern Georgia has a range of climate varying from moderately humid to a dry subtropical type.