Legitimate Ukrainian dating sites

Legitimate Ukrainian dating sites
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Why you should never choose a Russian or Ukrainian owned or managed dating site.

Over the last twenty years with the fall of the Soviet Union many western men have taken the opportunity to visit Eastern Europe with the hope of finding love, romance and marriage with Russian and Ukrainian women. At the same time a huge amount of Russian and Ukrainian dating sites have appeared, whilst many are real legitimate sites there has been an ever increase in Russian and Ukrainian owned sites cashing in on the new craze.

Many of the Russian and Ukrainian owned sites are just out to extort money  from Western men in what ever way they can, once they have your money you can be assured of getting a crappy service if not no service whatsoever. Always Google any real legitimate Ukrainian dating site you are considering using, 9 times out of 10 Russian and Ukrainian owned and managed sites will hide the ownership details of the domain name and you will find it difficult if not impossible to contact them. You need to ask yourself why is this Ukrainian dating site hiding its ownership details from the public?

A good reputable legitimate Ukrainian dating site that is Western owned and managed will never do this, Western businesses have a very different business ethics to Russian and Ukrainian businesses. Customer service always comes first on a Western owned or managed business. Trusted Ukrainian dating sites are few and far between.


Why Is It Important To Choose A Legitimate Ukrainian Dating Site 
One of the biggest mistakes most guys make when searching for a legitimate Ukrainian dating sites is to totally forget about common sense and go straight for a Ukrainian dating site that is clearly a scam operation. However hard you try to educate Western men about the dangers of falling victim to a Ukrainian scammer so often it falls on deaf ears, as soon as those beautiful young beauty queens pop up in every part of the web site, all is forgotten. It follows the same pattern time and time again, with Western men time and time again saying they have been scammed. There is NO need to be scammed it is as easy as 1-2-3 use common sense and you will never have any problems on a legitimate Ukrainian dating site.


Some disadvantages of using a Russian or Ukrainain owned or managed Ukrainian brides site include :

1. No customer contact information.

2. You are unlikely to recieve any answer to email enquires.

3. There will be NO chance of any refund if you are not happy with the service.

4. Often members of their sites will be totally fake.

5. Often if you are using a service where you pay per email, they will be fake letters generated by the owner.

6. The web site ownership will be under a proxy name and will be hidden from the public.

The bottom line here is always stick to a Western owned and managed Real Ukrainian brides dating site where you can be sure of a good customer service at all times.

The Russian Ukrainain dating niche is probably the most effected by scammers and fakes,finding a real Ukrainian dating site. The internet is full to the brim of fake Ukrainian dating sites all full with beautiful young women in their twenties. Do you really think such young beautiful women are real and search a foreign husband? Of course not! Did you notice the fantastic looking clothes these young women are always wearing? Again do you really think these women are searching a foreign husband to rescue from a life of poverty? Of course not!

These type of sites are there for one reason only and that is to con you into parting with your hard earned cash! If you are searching for real ladies from Ukraine then common sense should tell you that NOT EVERY single women from Ukraine is a young beauty queen. If you sign up to any site and there is not a mixed selection of women then you can be 100% sure the site is operating just to con you out of your hard earned cash.


Always Google any site you are thinking of registering at and try to find out who owns and operates the site.

There are two points that will always give away a fake or poor quality Ukrainian brides site.


1. The owner/operator of the site will be using a "Proxy" as the ownwer.

2. All the pages will be full of young beauty queens with not a single NORMAL looking women anywhere.


Bridesandlovers.com is a long established Trusted Ukrainian dating site where you can meet and connect with single women from Russia and Ukraine. The site is protected by "CupidGuard" to give all members the chance to meet in a safe online environment. Scammers, spammers and fakes are kept off the site. The site has a great reputation. It takes just five minutes to register and check the site out.



Use Common Sense Even on Honest Trusted Ukrainian Dating Sites


Though it can be very tempting to register at a Ukrainian dating site full to the brim with young beauty queens it is important to stop and think with some common sense about it.
Do you really think every women in Ukraine is under 30 years old , looks like a beauty queen and sits on the internet every day waiting to be rescued by a Western man? Of course not!
Ukrainian is like any other country in the world, the single Ukrainian Ukrainian women are just like most other women, you will find young beautiful women , young fat women, not so beautiful women, old women
middle aged women and every possible variation , just like you would on any mainstream dating site. The same applies to online trusted Ukrainian dating sites you should see a broad mix of women and NOT all sat online day and night.
If you stay realistic in your searches and stick to a trusted Ukrainian dating site you really will have a chance of finding your Ukrainian women for marriage, unfortunately if you decide to chase young beauty queens half your age you will for sure become the victim of a scammer. Just look at any "Success stories" on any Ukrainian dating site, do you see 60 year old guys with 30 year old beauties from Ukraine? Of course not!
The Bottom line For Succeeding On Any Honest Ukrainian Dating Sites Is This:
Any guy really can find his love on a good Ukrainian dating web site, it just comes down to being realistic in your searches, stick to realist search criteria when searching women from Ukraine and don't fall in to the trap of chasing around women from Ukraine who are half your age it is the biggest stumbling block for many men, they will waste years and years chasing women 30 years younger than themselves making multiple trips to Ukraine and constantly returning home with no love and an empty wallet. Be realistic and search for a Ukrainian women who is a maximum of 15 years younger than yourself , 10 years younger is even better if you really want to succeed in your Ukrainian dating venture.
So Are You ready For Your Ukrainian Dating Trip ? A few last Tips :

1. Trusted Ukraine Dating Sites – Forget the Stress!



One good point about seeking a Ukrainian women for marriage is providing you go about it in the right way it is not as stressful as it is in some other dating cultures, especially for Western men.  Its not exactly going to be a breeze but generally you should be able to have a stress free dating experience.

One of the good points about Ukrainian dating is when you find your match and she invites you to see her family they will be very pleased she has met a foreigner and welcome you into their house with open arms , something that will not happen if you are searching for a girl in Japan or China because it is likely that most girls’ families will oppose them marrying a foreigner at all costs.


In Ukraine it is a different situation , usually you will be welcomed in to the family, usually, her family realizes that marring a foreigner is an incredible opportunity for her to make some thing of herself in life. Unfortunately a sad fact of Ukrainian life is men drink too much which often leads to abuse, and violence for their spouses. It is not the only reason so many Ukrainian women seek a husband abroad but it certainly is one of them. Of course there is also the ongoing problem with the Ukrainian economy which is also a reason why many Ukrainian singles women search for a husband abroad. But be careful here as some Ukrainian women are of the thinking that every Western man is "Rich" which is far from the truth and you should be carful of not making the mistake of making out you are a wealthy man able to support your new wife AND her family.




2. Real Ukrainian Dating Sites & Women For Dating



Most Western men have a stereo type of image for Ukrainian women and that is usually tall , slim with blonde hair and blue eyes.The great news here is that stereo type image you have of Ukrainian women is actually not far off the mark.


Blonde tall women who look outstandingly dressed are common in nearly every city in Ukraine. Just take a stroll down any street in Kiev and you will be hard pressed not to  think you are in the middle of Paris with all these beautiful women walking around.


Ukrainian women love to take care of their bodies and going to the game is often part of their life. It is very easy to see why these women are incredibly fit. This trait is something that is common throughout all Former Soviet Union countries. 


You will find on many of the popular legitimate Ukrainian dating sites women mention they regularly attend the gym or enjoy fitness. Yes Ukrainian women really do care about their appearance but guess what? They care about their appearance simply because they do, it in the blood for these beautiful Ukrainian women to look absolutely perfect at all times and not just for you.


You will probably notice how stylish Ukrainain women are , just take a look at any women profiles on any honest Ukrainian dating site and you will see the women in stylish outfits that not only look sexy but also sophisticated, this is another reason why so many western men are now signing up to trusted Ukrainian dating sites.


3. Cost Of Real Ukrainian Dating


One big question asked by many western men is how much will it cost for me to find myself a Ukrainian wife? many men worry that it will be expensive , well the answer to that is yes! Of course it will be expensive even more so if you have to make multiple flights across the Atlantic to meet potential Ukrainian partners.


But let’s look at it in another way shall we? let's ask how much you have spent on dating Western women over the last 5/10 years? How much have you spent on meals, going out and even holidays? And it hasn't worked out, probably thousands of dollars if you tot it all up.   


So as you will see the cost of Ukrainian dating is nearly a give away compared to dating in your own country. It should also be noted that with the ongoing economic problems in Ukraine it is very easy to visit for a week and then stay on an extra three weeks, every thing in Ukraine is so cheap.


If you are speaking to a Ukrainian girl on one of the many trusted Ukrainian dating sites you will learn that most Ukrainian women have a small salary some as low as $350 , your salary will be an absolute fortune to her and with Ukraine being so cheap to visit and stay you will understand the real cost of Ukrainian dating is not so much. But you should be very carful if any Ukrainain women takes a big interest in your salary and finances  as it will probably cause problems for you at a later date, her interest will be in only one thing and that is fleecing you from as much money as possible. It is easy to recognize these women but please do not fall in love with such women.


On your Ukrainian date you will be expected to pay for everything during your early dating, and that includes  drinks and food, and any other expenses that happen to come along. Don't get stressed this is typically how it works in Ukraine in fact how it works in most of Eastern Europe. Of course after a time and you are in a long serious relationship it’s perfectly acceptable to expect her to split the bill with you now and again, but take it easy to approach this time in your relationship.

As for the total cost of your Ukrainain dating that is hard to say but you can look at about $10-15,000 as a bare minimum over 2/3 years.


Your Ukrainian Date's Pet Hates



So you'r wondering what pet hates your Ukrainain date may have? Let's talk about the biggest pet hate for nearly all Ukrainian women and that is asking about her ex boyfriends or her asking about yours. You may be very tempted to ask her about other men she has met from the Ukrainian dating site but do not do this at any cost unless you want to get yourself into your first big argument. Im not saying she will not want to discuss this with you , but if she does then let her start the conversation on the subject. Another  topic you should stay away from is any past problems with your ex wife or girlfriend, this really can cause some big problems. 

Another important issue when with your Ukrainian date is to never show any arrogance , it is something that Eastern European women despise. It means if you have a big Ego be sure you leave it at home when visiting Ukraine.


You will probably be aware of the situation in Eastern Ukraine with the tensions with Russia so it would be advisable to stay away from the subject of politics especially mentioning Russia as you may find yourself putting your foot in it and getting off to a bad start.


Finding Your Ukrainian Women On A Genuine Ukrainian Dating Site


Ukraine is well known on the International dating scene as one of the best countries in the world to meet an international bride for marriage. Each year thousands of Western men sign up to trusted  Ukrainian dating sites to connect with Ukrainian women and then make the trip to Ukraine in the hope of finding a Ukrainian women for marriage.

Although Ukraine has a very bad reputation for Western men falling victim to scammers this can easily be avoided if you use some common sense. So don’t date women who ask for money before you visit, don’t date women who will only eat in the most expensive restaurants, don't date women who have an interest in your financial position at home, it is easy really.

So where do you meet these fantastic women for dating?




Top 5 Legitimate Ukrainian Dating Sites To Sign Up To in 2019




So you have finally decided to search for a Ukrainian women for marriage, which is understandable, these women truly are beautiful that is for absolutely sure. You must of heard of many horror stories where Ukrainain women have scammed Western men out of money. Of poor quality Ukrainian dating sites with fake profiles and photos, of web sites full of young beauty queens just waiting to extract your hard earned cash, or those horrible PPL websites that charge you thousands of dollars to communicate with Ukrainian women with no chance of ever meeting them.
We have taken the trouble out for you and listed the best 5 legitimate Ukrainian dating sites to meet Ukrainian women, here they are :



# 1. Bridesandlovers.com Bridesandlovers is one of the nets biggest Eastern European dating sites , it is also one of the most scam free Trusted Ukrainian dating sites on the net with a great reputaion and great reviews. The site has a huge database of real Ukrainian women , with hundreds of new Ukrainian women joining weekly. Registration takes just two minutes. 



#2 . Ukrainiandating.co Ukrainiandating.co is operated by RedSquareCupid.com who also operate Bridesandlovers. The site has greate scam protection via its own custom software CupidGuard.com. Registration takes just two minutes and you can browse profiles within a few minutes.





#3. VK.com VK is Russia's largest Social media platform that is used by Russians and Ukrainian's with over 100 million members. Although not a dating site it is possible to use the platform to connect with Ukrainian women.





#4. Mamba Mamba is a popular Russian and Ukrainian dating site used by Russian and Ukrainian women. Some foreign men have luck there and it can be worth a try.



#5. Badoo . Badoo is a popular dating site usually used by the younger set. An easy place to connect with Ukrainian women but lacking in full scam protection.




Ukrainian Romance Tours


The best advice is to keep well away from Romance tours , often is the case that the operator will be paying the women to attend or at least the majority of them who will also usually be married and just wanting to earn some extra money.

Twenty years ago or so marriage tours were one of the only ways to meet Ukrainian women, today they are very outdated , why would you want to pay between $3000/5000 to meet Ukrainian women when there is no guarantee of success in any case. Just Google "Ukrainian marriage tours" and draw your own conclusions.


Good luck with your searches
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