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Marrying A Moldovan Mail Order Bride Is It Really Possible?
Are you thinking of searching for a Moldovan woman for marriage?Are you wondering if it really is possible to marry a Moldovan bride?
The answer to this question is undoubtedly YES, BUT providing you go about it in the correct way and more importantly have realistic expectations of how long it will take and who you are likely to marry.  If you have realistic expectations then the reality is finding a Moldovan bride for marriage is very very easy. We hope the information on this page will give you all the information to make your search for a Moldovan bride successful , if you read all our info and very importantly stay realistic in your searches then you will already be on your way to becoming a success story. There are many many guys who marry Moldovan women and there are just as many if not more who never succeed , many will fail and give up their searches within just a few weeks, we hope you will not be one of these guys. There are many women in Moldova seeking foreign men for marriage go about it in the correct way and yes you really can marry a Moldovan woman.



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Before We Start Talking About Moldovan Brides Let's Talk About being Realistic In Your Searching And Finding A Genuine Moldovan Brides Marriage Website? Can I Use A Moldovan Marriage Agency?
We want you to succeed, follow our steps and read our information on this page and your nearly guaranteed success. The truth of the matter is despite any eastern European dating
horror stories or bad rap in the press about guys getting scammed if you are 100% realistic in your searches you are nearly guaranteed success on any legitimate Moldovan dating site
However if you are not realistic in your searches no amount of genuine Moldovan dating sites will ever be able to help you, you will simply just be wasting your time and effort.
So what is "Realistic"? There are two main points that are very important when it comes to realistic expectations one of them is the time it will probably take to find your love in Moldova, on average it takes a guy 2/3 years and will involve multiple trips to Moldova, if you understand this then you are already on your way to becoming a success story and marrying a Moldovan bride, it is as simple as that. However if you are one of the guys who expects to register at a Moldovan brides dating site, chat to a few Moldovan brides, fly out to Moldova and return the next day with a beautiful Moldovan bride then your going to be in for a big disappointment, you're also going to be disappointed  if your thinking along the lines that Moldova is a poor country so every women is looking for any guy for marriage to escape the terrible life, your also going to be in for a surprise. Finding a Moldovan bride for marriage is not much different to doing the same with local women in your home city, which means your probably going to have to date several women before you find the one for you.
The second and most important point when it comes to having "Realistic" expectations is to get the age correct, yes of course many guys dream to marry a younger women there is no
problem with that, but the word "Younger" should mean 10-15 years max age difference if you really want to succeed, if your one of the many guys especially mature guys looking for a Moldovan bride who is 30-50 years younger than yourself then you are asking for trouble from day one and it will make no difference if you sign up to the most trusted Moldovan dating site your simply not going to find a woman with such a big age difference, yes you have probably see it happen on TV or read stories about old guys marrying young Moldovan women, unfortunately in real life it does not happen. You want to succeed in marrying a Moldovan Bride? get the age difference correct, be realistic!
Now let's talk a little about finding a legitimate Moldovan dating site.
Fake Moldovan singles Sites What To Look Out For:
1. Every woman will be looking like a superstar sensationally dressed in the latest designer outfit.
2. Every woman will have a perfect set of photos as though it was for a glossy magazine or some fashion shoot in Paris.
3. Every woman will be super slim. No fatties here!
4. Every woman will be tall and slender. Well is every woman in Moldova tall and slim?
5. You're not going to see any women in their 50/60/70's Just young beauties.
6. Every woman looks just like every man's dream, women just too good to be true.
Real Legitimate Moldovan Singles Sites What To look Out For:
1.  There will be a broad mix of women, beautiful women and not so beautiful just like you would expect on any mainstream dating site.
2.  Not every woman has a perfect photo set , many will not even upload photos.
3.  There will be women in every shape and size, super slim and very overweight  Chubby Moldovan brides  are also looking for love?
4.  There will be a broad mix of women, short, tall and not so tall women. Like any other country there are lots of short Moldovan brides.
5.  There will be women of all ages from young 18 year olds to 80 year old grannies and mature women. Mature Moldovan brides also look for love!
6.  There will be a broad mix of women just like you would see on any mainstream dating site.
Bridesandlovers have been bringing singles from Moldova together for over a decade, our reputation and reviews says it all. 

Do You Need A Reason To Marry A Moldovan Bride? 5 Great Reasons To Marry A Moldovan Bride 


Have you decided seek a beautiful young women from Moldova for marriage? Are you thinking of signing up to a Moldovan brides dating site? Maybe you need a few reasons why marring a Moldovan bride really is a good idea? Here are a few reasons to help you on your way:


  • 1. Moldovan brides for marriage  Moldovan women have always been traditional women when it comes to marriage and relationships. If you are looking for a traditional bride with family views and who is family orientated then marrying a Moldovan bride really is a must for you.
  • 2. Moldovan women for marriage  Moldovan women are loyal and trustworthy it is part of their nature you can be sure marriage to a Moldovan women will be a marriage full of trust and honesty. Moldovan women are well known to make an effort to make their marriages work.
  • 3. Moldovan ladies for marriage It is well known Moldovan ladies seeking a foreign man for marriage are genuine and honest ladies who are looking for long term relations and not just a one night stand or short term relationship.
  • 4. Moldovan mail order brides  If you are seeking a Moldovan mail order bride you rally will not be disappointed with these beautiful women who are smart and educated. It is easy to understand why so many Western men seek brides from Moldova for marriage.
  • 5. Moldovan girls for marriage Most Moldovan girls are educated and have had high education meaning you will have plenty to chat about and of course conversations with a girl from a totally different back ground are always interesting.



Dating Moldovan brides Online and Single Moldovan Women for Marriage avoid Moldovan brides marriage agencies.


For many Western men interested in Eastern European women to date and marry Moldova is a country they never knew existed. Most Russian dating sites will have a huge selection of Moldovan brides Online searching for a foreign husband. Dating Moldovan brides is very easy.

Moldova is a small country situated in between Ukraine and Romania with a long history and much culture if you are serous about your search for a Moldovan women to marry it would be a good idea to do some research on Moldova, Moldovan women and Moldovan culture. Moldova is a country rich in heritage with many beautiful single Moldovan brides.

Moldova is a split country with the unofficial Republic of Transnistria being in the Northern part of the country, you will also find many beautiful women in Transnistria some consider themselves as Russian and some Moldovan.

If you really want to impress your Moldovan bride you should gain a good knowledge about her country and people, she may even be surprised you know so much. Many Moldovan women are very surprised when they register at a Moldovan dating site only to have men ask "Where is Moldova?" having some forward knowledge to share with any Moldovan women you communicate with will earn you many points.

Moldovan women are just like any other women in Eastern Europe or in fact any women in the world they just want to find a good reliable man for marriage, unfortunately for them Moldovan men act exactly the same as Russian men when it comes to responsibilities and raising a family. Moldovan men also tend to drink heavily just like their Russian counterparts. All more reason so many Moldovan women search for a foreign husband.

Moldovan brides can be found on any Russian dating site. has a huge monthly sign up of single Moldovan women searching for like minded single Western men, if you fancy trying to find a Moldovan women to marry then registering at is the ideal place to start your searches. Registration is totally free.



Why You Should Marry a Moldovan Bride Should I use a Moldovan women marriage agency?


Just looking at a few of the girls in the above gallery shows you Moldova is a mecca for Slavic mail order brides. Every possible feature you have ever wanted in a women you will find in a Moldovan bride.


Moldovan brides are some of the sexiest and most friendly mail order brides you will find any where in Eastern Europe, if you want the dream women for marriage Moldova is the place to visit.


But for almost everyone that leads to a very big question, “Where in the world is Moldova?”  This question cannot be answered by nearly 95% of American guys and a high percentage of Western European guys also.


Take a close look at the map of Eastern Europe below.  Can you see Moldova? You can always take a better look with Google maps .

Yes this country unheard of by many really is a mail order bride paradise with so many single Moldovan girls for marriage Moldova offers a once in a life time opportunity to meet real beautiful Moldovan girls for marriage.





Moldovan Women For Marriage Culture

Moldova is situated on the border between Central Europe and Eastern Europe and culturally it is a mix of many people and cultures and beliefs, life for Moldovan women has been interesting for many centuries with traditions coming from many surrounding countries.

Moldova was considered to be part of Romania for many centuries making the national language of Moldova Romanian with some Moldovan language spoken, Russia is also spoken widely in Moldova due to the fact that Moldova was once part of the Soviet Union. If your main language is English you can also do very well in Moldova as English is taught as a second language at many Moldovan Schools .

Like most other Eastern European countries Moldova follows the Greek Orthodox religious tradition, you will see many traditional churches all over Moldova and some very beautiful small ones in some of the villages.


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Traditional Moldovan food is similar to other Eastern European cuisines, but incorporates a wider range of ingredients and spices. If you marry a Moldovan bride at some point you will be invited to your Moldovan women's family for a tasty Moldovan dinner and see  for yourself the tasty food Moldova has to offer.

The national soup of Moldova is Zeama.  It is a spicy chicken soup and it is a big step up from borsht that is so popular in most other Eastern European countries.   Another popular Moldovan speciality is Sarmale, cabbage leaves stuffed with spicy meat and rice and is very similar to food you will eat across the Greek part of Europe. 

If you are worried about food when visiting Moldova there is no need to! There are both Traditional Moldovan restaurants  and also all of the standard international cuisines to choose from so you can be assure of a wide selection of nice cosy places to take your Moldovan bride for dinner.


What Do Moldovan Mail Order Brides Look Like?



As with all Eastern European countries , Moldova is no exception when it comes to beautiful women, many Moldovan women are simply stunning, it makes you wonder what went wrong in your own country.  


The vast majority of Moldovan women  are a mixture of Russian and Latin, both these cultures are renowned for having beautiful women , so as you can imagine there are some truly stunning Moldovan women out there. Moldova certainly is a country to visit if your looking for a Eastern European beauty , you'r certainly not going to be disappointed.


If your visiting Moldova you can expect to see some real beautiful women who usually have dark long hair with dark sultry eyes and those typical Eastern European high cheekbones. You will find the occasional blonde Moldovan girl but only a few , the few blondes usually have Ukrainian roots.


Due to their healthy diet Moldovan women generally tend to be very slim, that's not to say there are no overweight Moldovan women, just like there are in any other country, just walking down the street of any Moldovan town you will be amazed at the beauty of these women.


Personalities Of Moldovan Women For Marriage



Moldovan women follow the same lines as most other Eastern European women when it comes to dating a new guy, often they may seem cold towards you  but you shouldn't let this worry you! Its early days and Moldovan women take time to open up to a stranger especially from another country.


Im sure you are used to meeting the usual Western European women or American women who greets you with a fake smile then starts on her daddy issues she may have? Yes you have been there many times but this will be a thing of the past once you start Dating Moldovan women.

Western women are only too happy to sit with you on a date lying about themselves to make themselves seem great, it is something that does not happen in Moldova.


Moldova is a very friendly country where the people are always hospitable to outsiders you will find the same traits with Moldovan women searching for marriage. But it is very important to remember one issue and that is countries such as Moldova suffer from Western men who are nothing more than sex tourists when it comes to visiting Moldova. For this reason do not be surprised if your Moldovan girl asked you some questions about why you decided to visit a women in Moldova, she is going to be a little suspicious of you at first probably.


Once you have got to know your Moldovan bride  you can be assured of an invitation to visit her family for some tasty Moldovan dishes and a good get together, her family will love you like their own son once you have married their daughter so always be respectful to them.


Moldovan Girls Are Educated


If you love smart clever women then you’re going to enjoy searching for a Moldovan girl to marry. As with most Eastern European countries Going to university after school is a must for most women, don't be surprised to see sexy Moldovan doctors or Lawyers during your travels to Moldova. The great thing about Moldovan women is their ability to have good conversation with you on all sorts of topics. 


What Do Moldovan Women Look For In A Man?



Eastern European women are noted for liking strong willed and assertive men and it is no different for Moldovan women, they prefer a man who will take the lead in a relationship , that does not mean they expect to be treated as unequal to you , they just prefer a more manly man such as an Alpha male and not a man who needs to constantly ask his mother for advice.

They are not looking for Tarzan or a movie star but they are looking for a confident man who knows what he wants out of life and is confident about getting it.


Moldovan Women make The Best Mail Order Brides



So do Moldovan women really make the best mail order brides? Many years ago Westerners visiting Moscow or St Petersburg could expect to be overwhelmed with stunning mail order brides searching for a foreign husband , of course those days are well and truly gone now BUT the good new is it still happens in Moldova at times.

Moldova is so far off the beaten path that many Western men have not even considered visiting the country, so if you make the effort and decide to visit Moldova you may be in for a big surprise when it comes to searching for your Moldovan bride.

If you do arrive in Moldova you may find yourself at the attention of many young Moldovan brides. As with most other Eastern European countries there are more women than men and for Moldovan women to find a suitable man for marriage is a big task in itself, this is one reason why so many Moldovan women search for a foreign husband.

So, this is a country where there is not just a shortage of men.  This is a country with a shortage of marriageable man for the beautiful single Moldovan women.

If you are from the USA and need some info about marriage to a Moldovan women please click HERE.



Use Common Sense and a trusted Moldovan dating site or moldova wife agency

The most important point at all times when searching for your Moldovan women for marriage is to use some common sense. You will find many Eastern European dating sites full of
young beautiful women from Moldova , all dressed in nice expensive outfits and all sat online all day and night waiting for you to chat with them. Moldova just like all other countries has a huge mix of women, from young beautiful Moldovan women to old 60 year old Moldovan women.
As with any mainstream dating site, there should be a big mix in women and not all under 30 looking like they just walked off the catwalk conveniently with no money or no phone. If you check out any Trusted Eastern European dating sites "Success stories" will not see some man in his 70's married to a young beautiful 30 year old.
If you want to succeed in your search for your perfect Moldovan women for marriage you should be realistic at all times , search for women in a realistic age group, if you do this you can be sure of finding a Moldovan women for marriage. Unfortunately if you decide to chase Moldovan girls around half your age you may well become the victim of a scammer and could loose lots of money. If you use some common sense you will avoid all of this.

The vast majority of Moldovan women who sign up to dating sites in search of a foreign husband would like to find husband of the same race and Christian beliefs as most women in Moldova are Christian Moldovan brides.  Marriage with person of other race is not condemned in Moldova and at the same time most women would not like to have the same option. There are no racial problems in Moldova, but women prefer a white man for husband, because there are almost no black or Asian people in Moldova. If you visit Moldova you will probably only see white people in the cities and countryside, very unlike any Western european cities.

Visiting Moldova is very easy now as visa restrictions were lifted a few years ago allowing many Nationalities to visit Moldova visa free for a period of up to 90 days. The main airport has doubled in size to take the extra infux of travelers who now visit Moldova. Moldova is not only well known for beautiful women! The country is world known for its wines and champaigns which it exports all over Europe.




About Moldova


Moldova is located in central Eastern Europe. The country is northeast of Romania and is a landlocked country. Moldova is  bordered by the Ukraine and Romania. The climate of Moldova consists of moderate to cold winters and warm summers. The population of Moldova presently stands at over 4.2 million people , with a declining population. Moldova is made up of many ethnic groups , whilst nearly 80% of the population is made up of Moldovan people Russian/Ukrainian and Romanian also make up the population.


Moldova is a safe country to visit with nearly zero crime compared to most other European countries. The two main cities are Chisinau and Balti .


Moldovan Brides For Marriage At Bridesandlovers



Visit Moldova


Now has never beena better time to visit Moldova, you will find great restuarants that will not break the bank should you wish to take your Moldovan women out to dinner each night. Summer time in Moldova can be very romantic sat out on a nice terrace enjoying dinner with your beloved. The best time to visit Moldova is early summer May/June as July/Auguat can be very hot and dry. Moldova is in Central Europe so has long hot summers with often very cold winters.




So can I really find a Moldovan bride to marry ? Moldovan Marriage agencies?
The answer to this is yes, but much will depend on yourself and the way you go about it. Even signing up to the Best Russian dating site is not going to guarantee you find a women to marry.
just like if you go to a local night club in your home town that maybe packed solid with women, it doesn't mean you will find a women for the evening. 
Here are a few top tips to make sure you really have a chance of succeeding on any real legitimate Russian dating site.
1.  Always be pro active, many Moldovan women will be shy to make the first move, if any women sends you a smile or short "Hello" message try not to just reply with the same "Hello" make the conversation more interesting, say some thing about yourself and what you are searching for. Take the lead from the ladies and try to write interesting sentences about yourself.
2. Don't just sit and wait for Christmas, start sending a standard letter out to a selection of Moldovan women each and every day, you can copy paste the first message and use as an Ice breaker, after you start receiving some replies
you can select a few of your favourite Moldovan girls to continue the communications with.
3. Move your favourite women off site as soon as possible, all subscription sites allow you to freely exchange contact information with all the ladies on site, it is always best to exchange contact information with your favourite ladies and move them onto Skype or whats app.  for a more personal chat, it will also help you keep in contact should your favourite ladies decide to leave the dating site.
4. If any women tell you they do not have a camera or Skype or Whats App forget them immediately , this is not true, visit any FSU country and you will see even young kids with smart phones and all using whats app and Skype to connect with their friends.
5. It is always better to try to start communicating with ladies that speak at least a little English it could save you lots of trouble, costs and heart ache at a later date. Generally most Moldovan  women speak some English it is the second language taught in Moldovan Schools.
6. And the Golden rules is never ever send any women you have never met money! Remember a very important point and that is no honest genuine Ukrainian women will ever ask you for money ever! 
The first mention of money from the lady means you need to forget about her as she will be a scammer for sure.
The Best Moldovan Mail Order Brides Website To meet Moldovan Brides ?

You may be surprised to know there are not as many Moldovan dating sites as you may expect in fact you will usually find Moldovan women for marriage on one of the many popular Russian or Eastern European dating sites , one of the leading Eastern European dating sites on the net today is

where you will have a selection of thousands of Belarusian women profiles to browse through, many Western men have found their Moldovan wife on  


How Do I Know Is A Legitimate Moldovan Dating Site? Is It Scam Free? has been around for a long time, in fact for over a decade and we know the industry inside out and when it comes to catching scammers we really are the best in the industry you can check out our dedicated facebook scammers page. We understand how it is important that our members get a totally scam free Moldovan dating experience , we are one of the most trusted and legitimate Moldovan dating sites on the net today, you can read more about us. It is important to remember that your success is our success , so we are doing everything possible to ensure all our members have a safe scam free online dating service.
One of the most important points about scam protection on any of the legitimate Moldovan brides dating sites is to teach our members to have realistic expectations about who they will probably meet and marry. What ever site you are on even if your on the most trusted Moldovan dating site or one of the many other popular Moldovan dating sites , unless you have realistic expectations no site will be able to help you it is as simple as that and the sooner you realise that the sooner you will be a success story like so many other guys who entered in to dating a Moldovan bride with realistic expectations, if you're a guy in your 70's you should not be wasting time trying to attract young women 45 or even 50 years younger than yourself you're simply never going to succeed. We are experts at keeping the site free from scammers. A few may pass our security for a day or two but in the end we always catch them and swiftly remove them from the dating site.
The truth of the matter is generally all the scam profiles are young women under 30 years old , so it means basically if you are a guy in your 60's you should not come across any scammers if you search for women in a realistic age group.
The sooner guys educate themselves to be realistic in their searches the sooner the only Moldovan brides dating sites out there will be genuine legitimate Moldovan brides dating sites as the scammers will have no where to do, so come on guys be realistic and if you do come across any scammers via Whatsapp then report them to the site admin. Your little bit of help may help another guy have a better online dating experience on our honest Moldovan brides dating site. The bottom line here is you can only help yourself when it comes to searching for a Moldovan bride your success is in your hands only and if you fail or succeed that outcome is totally and 100% up to you and the way you go about your searches, it will not be the web site operators fault, a scammers fault only yourself. BE REALISTIC! At ALL TIMES!



And finally a few Moldovan dating tips