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Moscow's decadent nightlife a playground for billionaires



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It's easy to spend $30,000 in one night here," says Dimitri, a businessman who preferred to not to give his last name, inside Dyagilev -- one of Moscow's most expensive and top night clubs.

In a city with more billionaires than New York or London, nothing is considered too opulent or too extravagant. And nowhere is this more apparent than in City of Moscow which is home to some of the most elite Muscovite nightclubs frequented only by the fabulously wealthy and stunningly beautiful russian girls. These clubs are something unimaginable to most people. Put in simple words by Krill, another club-going Muscovite you didn’t want to give his full name: "I don't think I have any friends who aren't billionaires." This is very common over here.

But times have moved on and fast over the last 15 years, if you really are serous to meet a Ukrainian women for marriage then there is no need anymore to become a victim of some scam operation.

Having traveled all over the world to some of the hottest spots on the planet. From New York to London to Los Angeles, I was amazed by the $4,000 magnums of champagne served with fireworks, with glass roofs that opened to the skies, and amazed at the fabulous décor of some clubs. Then I arrived in Moscow. Firstly if you think you can come here wave your passport about thinking you will be treated like a star think again!!! Moscow has “Face Control” and it’s the toughest in the world!! You won’t even be able to set foot into a club unless you are seriously rich, seriously connected or fabulously beautiful.

To many you would of never heard of "Face control," as it is known here, it is brutal and if the door men don’t like the look of you or your not wearing what they consider appropriate you aren’t going nowhere! It helps if you turn up in a Bentley with your private driver, with several seriously beautiful Russian babes, Welcome to Moscow.

If you do manage to get into one of Moscow's top nightclubs, be prepared to pay $20-30 for a bottle of beer, once you get this far you will see the Russians sure know how to party. The fabulously famous Dyagilev club, which recently was burned to the ground, was designed like an old theatre with gilded gold boxes for the VIPs, red velvet seats and high ceilings. Waiters in dinner jackets presented trays of exotic fruits and platters of fresh sushi to oligarchs and their hungry, supermodel girlfriends. At about 2 or 3 a.m., a show began on a catwalk suspended above the revelers. There were lingerie shows and avant-garde, modern dance performances set to opera music with techno beats. Gold and silver confetti sprayed down on the crowds. A new Moscow super club has taken over Dyagilev's claim as the hottest club in town. Soho Rooms is now the hippest place in Moscow It's also the hardest place in Russia to get into, with “face control” that made Dyagilevs look like child’s play.

Once inside you're confronted by a fabulous display of décor. Leather-upholstered armchairs and roaring fireplaces are mixed with modern chandeliers and an onyx bar to create an ambience of classic elegance and futuristic chic. Go-go dancers gyrate on the window sills to the best DJs shuttled in from around the world. So it's not surprising that the price for the smallest table in the house starts at $4,000. But perhaps the greatest allure of Soho Rooms is its pool terrace. Once the snow has melted, clubbers move out to the sun-warmed terrace for a dip in one of two swimming pools, or simply take in the stunning views of Moscow.

If scantily clad women, over-priced champagne and general hedonism is not your bag, then Moscow's debaucherous nightlife might not be for you. But if bling is your thing, then you will be hard pressed to find a more vibrant and lavish night out.