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Are there any Real Russian dating sites? List of things to look for

Are there any Real Russian dating sites? List of things to look for.

Searching for your loved one on many of the dating sites out there can be a huge task, finding a real Russian dating site can be an even bigger task. So how do you go about selecting a Russian dating site that is real and legitimate?

Lets start with a few simple pointers that will show you the site is either fake or of a poor quality or even worse operated by some mug sat in his bedroom hoping to make a fast buck.


Poor Quality Russian Dating Sites. Some pointers.


1. The site has very few if not any new women registering weekly. If a site has no new sign ups how will you manage to find your love? 


2. The site verifies women at their own descretion! Watch out for fake well known scammers who have been verified by the owner on the hope of bringing more members to the site. Such sites will often verify all and any members , and often you will even see well known Nigerian scammers verified. A clear indication that this site cannot be trusted.


3. The site hides behind a false name often pretending to be "Western Run and managed" Such sites will often even go as far as making a fake seal in an attempt to gain your trust. Such sites will tell stories of having US partners and investors, when actually it will be some guy in his bedroom hoping to make a quick buck. 


4. Often poor quality sites will have pages and pages of poor quality articles in poor quality English in the hope of cheating the search engines , just reading some of the articles such sites produce is very amusing. Often these articles are outdated and try to sell you the idea of Russian women beinf desperate to marry any man.


5. Poor quality sites will often try to hide the fact that they have no members by not showing the last log in date of their members, this is a common trick used by any new dating sites to give the feel of a busy web site, when actually very few of the members even log in to the site.


6.  A WHOIS search of the domain name will usually have the owners name covered by a proxy. You should ask 

yourself why they wish to remain private.


7.  Many new poor quality sites will try to convince you their web site has offices all over the world , for Example the USA, Europe and Russia , they will tell you they have developers marketers and a large staff to look after their members, when actually they have No members and just one guy operating the web site from his sitting room, in the hope of making a fast buck.


8. Many poor quality sites will have no modern technology to remove fake profiles and scammers from their web sites, often once scammers realise this they will infest the site so much so that 50% of the profiles will be fakes, usually these sites are operated by some guy in his sitting room and he will for sure not want to sit manually checking every profile. Established sites usually invest heavy in the latest technology to ensure the sites are kept clean and safe at all times.


9. Poor quality web sites will usually not have any way of conforming to IMBRA the International marriage agency regulations. If you are a US citizen you may have trouble with your K1 Visa.






Legitimate and good quality dating sites take many years to build. Always stick to an established site.