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Often our members are concerned that the beautiful ladies they see at our site are not real and that such women cannot be found or be available to every man. That may be quite true in many western societies where value systems are based upon different criteria but the situation is very different in the former Soviet Republics. The main problem in many of the FSU countries is cultural, Russian men in general treat their women very different to their western counterparts, a big attraction to Western men is their respect and attitude towards their women. Russian women are usually very well educated and worldly; they understand there is more to life than being stuck in their own countries and being treated with no respect. Russian women are very attracted to Western men and their Western values to women. Because of modern technology it is now possible for western men and Eastern European women to communicate with ease.

Over the last decade with the spread of broadband internet the options for international dating have become immense, Russian brides dating sites have been blossoming and many Western men have been jumping on the Russian brides bandwagon. Only a few years ago there was a stigma attached to internet dating in particular Russian dating, however this has long gone now and internet dating is the norm for most single adults.. The Internet is no longer frowned upon as a means of meeting someone and finding a soul mate, it has become the necessary means or tool for finding the kind of partner you desire in life.

So, another aspect to what men are seeing is the newness of it all as the world situation both politically and technologically has allowed the opportunity for these relationships to develop. So your answer to Do these beautiful women really exist, are they really searching for Western men is absolutely yes, they are! At you will find thousands of FSU country ladies looking for love and romance with Western men.

Unfortunately, the Russian dating scene has attracted people who take advantage of these new technologies , there are a few dishonest people who try to scam gentlemen out of money, in fact you will find scammers like these on most dating sites. Because of these few dishonest people there is understandable concern from some men who are new to the Russian dating scene. And so many men will ask "how can I be certain these women really exist," "how can I be sure Im not being lied to," etc. continue to develop means of vetting all new members as much as possible, we immediately remove any ladies profiles we consider to be fake or suspicious.

At we are constantly working to clear out that very small percentage of scammers. is committed to offering a transparent honest dating site offering both sexes an exhilarating dating experience.

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