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So You Visited Russia and fell in love?

So you visited Russia and fell in love ?
Living in Russia may seem a daunting prospect to many at first but this truly amazing country can offer expats a unique life experience.
The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, spanning 9 different time zone and covers an area that is almost twice the size of the USA. It has an approximate population of 142 million people.
Whatever your reasons for wanting to pack up your belongings and relocate to Russia, you’re going to need to do your homework before you think about departing. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume you’ve done the obvious and most important– your visa preparation. What’s the next step will be to immigrate and start living ithe life in Russia? So let’s find out!
Firstly can you afford to live in Russia? In a 2012 Mercer cost of living survey Moscow was named the fourth most expensive city in the world for expats for the third year in a row. Even today the after Ruble’s collapse in 2014. Very little has changed, Russia can be an expensive country to live in, you may have to be prepared to down grade your life style at first.
While housing is extremely expensive, a lot will depend on the standard of living you are used to. Expect to pay about $1,518 USD per month to rent a 900 square foot furnished apartment in an expensive area. The same dwelling in a normal area would cost about $940 per month. Though there are many other options available to save costs when you first relocate. Renting a room in a private shared apartment can be a good option to save costs when you first arrive. Groceries can some times be more expensive than in Western Europe which may surprice many. 

Don’t forget healthcare. Ranked #130 by the World Health Organization, the Russian healthcare system is often under-funded, but attainable, with policies ranging from $600 per year for expats to use public clinics, to $1,500 per year for the ability to use private hospitals. Those with a residency permit are allowed access to the same free public care as Russia’s citizens. Not bad at all. Or you can just pay as you go if you want to save on costs which is usually a good option to start with until you are settled.
For many moving to Russia gives the opportunity to meet many beautiful women and even the chance to find a future wife. I am probably allowed to say that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. There is no other place where you can meet so many gorgeous people. Even in foreign countries and tourist strongholds Russians can be easily distinguished by their beauty. If you bump in to any attractive women whilst you are out and about, feel free to greet her in Russian by saying “Privyet!” (“Hi!”).
A popular trend over the last few years for foreign men searching for a Russian women for marriage has been to relocate to Russia to live with their loved one. Many who have opted for this option say they have fallen in love with the country and plan to stay.