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I’m Not Rich. Will a Russian Woman Be Interested in Me?


Do I need to be wealthy to marry a Russian bride 


Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Russian women who are searching for a foreign husband are not looking for a rich wealthy man to look after them. If you have decided to search for a russian bride you don’t need a mansion or a Bentley to attract the Russian beauty of your dreams. However, it should be known many women (Russian or from any country) are hesitant to settle into a serious relationship with a man who isn’t financially stable. For a Russian women this is especially true, and can you blame them? They are planning to move to uproot and move to another country, a country where they probably cannot work, and will have no income. Many Russian women will put on their profile they are looking for a man who is financially stable. So, what exactly does “financially stable” mean?

The term financially stable means different things to different women. While every woman is different, the majority of women are searching for a man who can afford a home and support a family; this is not a lot to ask, when you remember they will be giving up everything to move over seas with their man.. Some men may be bothered by this and even think the lady is just a Gold digger, but this is not the case they deserve to know they will have a secure home once they arrive in a foreign country. No woman from anywhere in the world wants to give up her family, friends, and culture to live with a man who can’t support himself, much less a wife and future children.


How much do I need to earn to marry a russian bride


So as you can see you, do not need to be rich to marry a Russian women, just be able to afford a home and pay the bills is enough.. If your relationship becomes very serouise with your lady you should ask her about her financial expectations and let her know where you stand. This conversation will only help your relationship in the long term.


Russian women in general are not searching for a wealthy man, if all they need is a wealthy man they can find plenty of wealthy men in Russia. Money is not everything to all women, but you can be sure they will not want to even think about marring a man who expects his women to buy her own air ticket and fly to him first. There are many guys on Russian dating sites who expect a women to arrive on his doorstep at her own cost and with enough money to support herself whilst visiting, if your looking for a cheap wife to do the washing up and cleaning Russia for sure is not the place to search.


If you are worried about starting a relationship with a Russian women that you do not earn enough to support her in the way she wishes it is always best to be open about your finances. Dont make out you have a big mansion or a expensive sports car, just be yourself and you will have much more success. You should also not worry about buying expensive presents when you meet your lady. You can be sure that any genuine women searching for love and romance will not be looking for expensive presents. If you do start communicating with any women who just want presents and money you can be sure they will have no interest in marraige.


Good luck in your searches.