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One of the biggest niche dating site sectors today is the Russian dating niche. Do any Google search on related keywords and hundreds of Russian dating sites will appear. But if you are one of the many who have decided to give russian dating a try you need to do some serous research into the subject.

Firstly you will need to find yourself a genuine legitimate Russian dating site where you can be sure to really find single Russian women searching for like minded men. Finding a genuine Russian dating site amongst all of the sites out there can be a daunting task.


There are four big tips here that will help you select a genuine legitimate Russian dating website.

1. Only ever use a Western owned and operated Russian dating site.

2. Stay away from Russian dating sites that are full of under 25 year old beauty queens.

3. Only use a Russian dating site that allows complete unbarred communication between members allowing free exchange of contact details.

4. Only ever use an established Russian dating site. is an established Russian dating site, the site was established over four years ago. The site is totally British run and managed and operated by

Advantages of using for your Russian dating experience are:

1. British owned and operated website.

2. Established over nine years ago with an excellent reputation within the industry.

3. A huge weekly sign up of new Russian singles.

4. All members are totally free to exchange contact information with each other (Skype/mail/phone)

5. Excellent customer service, all quires are answered within 24 hours. endeavour to give all our members a great online dating experience where Western men really can search and find single Russian women on a legitimate Russian dating site.

When choosing a site to start your Russian dating you should always do a Google search of any site you are considering signing up to, a Google search will soon show if the website you have decided to try will give you a good Russian dating experience. Most bad feedback soon shows in any Google search.

The Russian personals sector is huge with over 120 million people living in Russia if you play your cards right and use some good common sense you are very unlikely to have any problems.

What are the chances of me really finding a Russian women to marry on a Russian dating website?


The answer to this question is without a doubt YES if you go about it in the correct way and of course much will depend on your own ability to charm a Russian women.
Here are the best tips to really make sure you succeed in your search for a Russian women for marriage, follow these tips and you really can find yourself a Russian women for marriage.
1.  Russian women are usually shy when it comes to making first contact with foreign men on any Russian dating site. It will be important for you to take the lead with any conversation.
if she sends you a simple "Hello "  don't just reply with another "Hello" Start a conversation , say some thing about yourself and what you are looking for, end every conversation with a question.
To many men sign up to Russian dating sites expecting all the action to start immediately they register, they expect to be flooded with messages from the women and they usually think these
women will lead the conversation as they are probably desperate to leave Russia, they are NOT so you will have to work hard. To many men sign up to Russian dating sites only to leave a few days later 
due to lack of communication, many guys will receive lots of messages but just fail to take the chance to strike up meaningful conversation with the women.
Im sorry to tell you but your not going to have you Russian women turn up on a plate for you! Just like any other mainstream dating site it takes commitment and some work to find your love.
2. The candy she effect. You may ask what is the "Candy shop effect"? Well it is one of the biggest reasons Western men fail to find a genuine Russian women for marriage, the man will sign up to
a Russian dating site and start communicating with one or several women , some light conversation may start, then suddenly he will receive a message from a women who looks like a better option 
than the women he is presently communicating with, so what happens? He drops the other women like a ton of bricks and concentrates on the new women, but hey presto! What happens a few days later? 
a new women comes on the scene who seems an even better option than the last women who was already a better option than the first women. It can go on like this for weeks even months and years and what happens is the man
never actually meets a women, he spends all his time looking for the next best option.
If you find a Russian women you like, stick with her and try to make that work out, forget about looking for  the next best option.
4. Search for a partner in a realistic age group, failing to do this will also ensure you have little success on any Russian dating site. If you are a man in your 60's you shouldn't be wasting your time searching
for Russian women in their 30's!  You wouldn't expect to date a women 30+  years younger than yourself in your home country so what makes you think it is possible in Russia? Its not! Of course if you
have a few million in the bank it maybe possible other than that Im sorry to tell you it will not happen. If you stick to about 10/15 years absolute max young in age you will have a chance of succeeding. Unfortunately
if you want to chase around after young barbie dolls olde enough to be your grand daughter then  you will have no chance in todays modern Russia.

Good luck with your searches.