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Russian Marriage Agencies & Marriage With A Russan Women


If you are one of the thousands of western men who have decided to search for a Russian women to marry you may of thought about trying a legitimate Russian marriage agency. Are these marriage agencies a good way to find a Russian wife?

The truth is Russian marriage agencies are very out dated today, most Russian marriage agencies work like this.

Men and women register with them, the agency exchanges letters between the two parties then makes a plan for a real meeting.

However in general most of the Russian marriage agencies are owned and operated by crooks who have no interest other than fleecing you out of as much cash as possible. Often letters you receive will be fake, you will be paying to communicate with women that do not exist.

But more important is this, why do you need to pay a third party to exchange communication, to pay to open each letter, to pay to register at the site?

With todays modern internet technology there is a better option that costs far less and gives a better result. If you want to save all the unnecessary expenses of registering at a Russian marriage agency and be sure who you are dealing with then you should choose a Russian dating site as an option.


If you use a Western owned Russian dating site you can be sure you will be in good hands. So what are the advantages of a Russian dating site over a trusted Russian marriage agency?

Here are a few advantages:

1. Free exchange of contact information Skype/phone/email

2. You can start communicating within minutes no waiting for letters to arrive.

3. There is no middle man involved you will be communicating directly with the ladies from day one.

4. There are no video chat fees! With a Russian dating site you just exchange Skype names and start video chatting for free.

5. There is only a small monthly fee, usually less than $30.00

6. You are in the driving seat and know exactly what is going on without having to wait for some middle man.

7. Thousands of single Western men find love and marriage on Russian dating sites every year.

The best advise for any man deciding to use a Russian marriage agency or a Russian dating site is to do some good research in Google. Google has a wealth of valuable information on all aspect of Russian singles and marriage to a Russian women. Best of luck with your Russian singles searches.



What To Be Look out For Should You Use A Trusted Russian Marriage Agency


If you do decide to use a Russian marriage agency you should use caution at all times.  Many of these agencies will charge you to open and send letters PPL (Pay per Letter) 
It is always advisable to stay well away from such firms as how do you know who wrote you the letter? You could get 50 letters a week of which only 5 are genuine! It is a well known fact 
that many marriage agencies use married worm to write the letters to men, these women have no intention of ever meeting you or marring you, they just want you to continue 
correspondence with them so they can charge you.
You will probably notice now that doing any search for a Russian marriage agency in Russia today will give you very little results. The fact of the matter is marriage agencies were
at their peak before the internet arrived, it was one of the only ways to meet a Russian women for marriage, since the arrival of the internet marriage agencies have nearly become 
extinct , no one in their right mind today is going to pay any third party up to $10.00 to read one mail message from one lady you have never met or even know exists.
If you are determined to use a marriage agency at any cost it is strongly advised to do some detailed research on any agency you decide to use, and remembering to even
be careful with feedback you find in Google as often this can be fake or submitted with malicious intentions from a competitor agency.
Often so called Legitimate Russian Marriage Agencies are nothing more than PPL sites and should be avoided here is the reasons why

1.  PPL is a term often applied to “pay per letter” dating sites It is the most used system of scamming Western men out of their money , girls are paid to chat to you via letters for which you have to pay a price to send 

and open. Usually the girls that are writing these letters are already married or students looking to make some extra cash. You can be nearly 99% assured you will never meet these girls and you will never receive their contact details.

2.  PPL sites and Legitimate Russian dating sites are like chalk and cheese. But PPL sites and marriage agencies are often the same thing.

3.  PPL sites offer you fantastically young beautiful women just waiting to be rescued from a life of poverty in Russia. You are told lies from day one to keep you paying in the hope of finding your love for marriage.

4.  Legitimate Russian dating sites have NORMAL women , just like all other main stream dating sites, fat, thin, tall , short, beautiful , ugly the list goes on , but more importantly you can freely communicate with the ladies and are free to exchange contact information.4. Im sorry to tell you beautiful young women are not chasing guys  out of desperation in any countries, well not real young women in any case.

To sum it up if you are using a Pay-per-letter site you are doing nothing more than using virtual phone sex company, but instead of talking about sex the women are talking about marriage. 

5.  The bottom line is  employees of PPL sites impersonate beautiful young brides and get paid to pretend to be interested in you and write messages. It is made possible by you paying for each communication in the hope of meeting your Russian bride for marriage.

The most important point for you to remember is PPL sites = Total scam and nothing more! Russian marriage agencies fall under the same category , although there maybe a very small percentage of legitimate Russian marriage agencies the vast majority are just scam set ups.

6.  Often Russian marriage agencies will keep charging you for opening and sending mails to the ladies and will make you wait for a very long time before giving you the ladies personal contact details, that is if she is even real.


So let us look at a few final facts here! We are now in the 21st century where nearly every household in Eastern Europe has fast internet connections, Internet cafes started closing down in Eastern Europe a few years ago , they have become as defunct as Russian marriage agencies. Today it is as easy as 1-2-3 to connect with marriage minded women from Russia in the comfort of your own home, just a few clicks and you can can be chatting via video with a beautiful Russian women within minutes.


So whats the bottom line here when searching a Russian women to marry ?


That is simple, if you really are interested in searching for a Russian women for marriage sign up to a legitimate Russian dating site that allows you unlimited contact with thousands of single Russian women looking for marriage and romance.