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Over the last decade online dating really has taken off, so much so that it is just as easy to communicate with singles from all over the world as it is to communicate with singles in your own town.

With todays modern technology and the use of Skype you can very easily chat to singles in the comfort of your own home. With this in mind more and more Western men have been turning to Russian online dating sites to meet a Russian women for marriage. With the age old stigma associated with searching online for a Russian bride well and truly gone, it is now possible for everyone to have the chance to chat with Russian women live and via video in the comfort of your own sitting room.

Using todays technologies you really can get to know women from other countries ensuring there is chemistry between you before you spend out money on travel and accommodation expenses. Skype is one of the best features to emerge on the online dating scene for may years. Only fifteen years ago it was un heard off, if you wanted to communicate with Russian women it was with basic dating sites, and by telephone.

Skype can be used as a very good safety precaution today for any singles signing up to any online dating site, wether it be Russian, Thai or Ukrainian.

Where as many years ago it was not so easy to verify any Russian women you met online, today is a totally different matter indeed.

If you start communicating with any Russian women online and decide you want to take the relationship further, it is just a simple process of exchanging contact details, if the women for any reason tries to avoid communicating with you via Skype you can be sure her intentions are probably not honest.

If you really are serous in your searches for a Russian women for marriage now has never been such a good time to sign up to one of the many online Russian dating sites and see if you really can find a beautiful Russian women to marry. If you are lucky enough to find your other half online you will be one of the many thousands of single men who find love and marriage online in Russia each year.



What Are The Best Russian Online Dating Sites To Use? Are There Any Trusted Online Russian Dating Sites?



When deciding which Russian dating site to use there are a few important points to make sure you get correct in the first place.


1. Absolutely with out fail never sign up to a Russian dating site that operates a PPL (Pay per letter) system, they operate the biggest scam system in the dating industry.

You can learn a little more about these Russian dating sites on our other article pages.


2, Always be sure to sign up to a monthly subscription Online Russian dating site. Monthly subscription sites operate by charging you a fixed monthly fee (1/3/6/12 Months)

allowing you you unlimited contacts with all the women on the site, they also allow you to freely exchange contact information with all the ladies on the site. Using pay monthly subscription sites it is very easy to connect with ladies and move them off site to a more personal chat via Whats App or something like that.


Russian Online Dating Sites How To Spot A Genuine Russian Online Dating Site
Over the last few years the internet has become full of Online Russian Dating sites in fact they seem to spring up every few weeks a new site offering you the chance to meet a young Russian girl online, but the reality of the matter is less than 5% of online Russian Dating sites are actually legitimate online Russian Dating sites , the other 95% are either fake or pro quality sites with no real members.
You may ask yourself how on earth can I spot a real online Russian Dating site?  The good new is it is actually very easy to see if any Russian online dating site is a real and honest Online Russian Dating site with just a two minute test.
What test? This is an easy test and takes just a couple of minutes here is the simple procedure to test if the site is a fake Russian online dating site:
1. Sign up to a Russian online dating site you like, it is always advisable to use a special email just for your dating when signing up, this will save you having tons of spam sent  to your personal e mail. 
Do not waste time filling in to much information about yourself or uploading any photos at this point as in a few minutes time you will understand if it is worth continuing with this Online Russian Dating site.
2. Go to "Online women" As soon as you are  registered go to online women.
3. Look out for the following on the first 5 pages of Online do you see only young women? All  or nearly all these women are under 35 years old? Are all these women dressed in some super hot outfit ? 
A perfect photo set? All the girls look like they just stepped off a fashion show? There is not an over weight women in sight? There is no short women? 
This says it all! The Online Russian Dating site you are signed up to is a fake site, leave immediately.
So How Do I Know If I Am Signed Up To A Legitimate Online Russian Dating Site?
That is even easier do exactly the same as above but make sure the first five pages of Online women are:
There should be a broad mix of women of all ages, young women in their twenties and older women in their 50/60's , there should be women who have no photo's , women with nice photo test and some with poor quality photos
there should be short women and tall women , generally there should be a big mixture of Russian women on any genuine trusted Online Russian Dating site, if you see this the chances are you are signed up to a trusted online Russian Dating site.
Genuine Russian Online dating Sites How Do I Guarantee Success? Can I really Find Love On A Trusted Online Russian Dating Site?
The answer to this question is defiantly yes providing you keep your search criteria to a realistic chance of succeeding. What is a realistic search criteria? This basically means do not make your searches for women that are unrealistic for you on any Online Russian Dating sites. For example you're a guy in his 60's so your realist age criteria for a women should be 40 + and not 25+. Despite what you have seen in any Hollywood movies young Russian women are not marrying much older guys. 
If you keep your age criteria to realistic expectations you will already be well past the first hurdle to success.
Another important search criteria is search for women who you genuinely thing would be interested in a guy such as your self , if your oversight not looking in the best of shape then clearly it is not going to be realistic possible for you to find some super 
stunning women on any Russian online dating site, of course you could be lucky. You may of seen in the Hollywood movies some old guy in his 60's overweight with no teeth yet married to a beautiful young Russian girl of 35 years old? that is just in the 
movies, in real life it does not happen, Any Russian women you meet on any legitimate Online Russian Dating site will not be looking for ANY man to marry, she will be picky and choosey probably just like yourself.
Why Do So Many Men Fail On Even The Best Online Russian Dating sites?
This is easy to answer! 95% of the time it is due to unreal expectations, many guys will sign up under the impression they can marry the first beauty queen they meet online even if she is 30/40 years younger than himself, some men in their 60/70's 
genuinely believe they have every thing to offer a young Russian girl 30 or even 40 years younger than themselves and will spend years of their time wasted trying to communicate with women young enough to be their grand daughter.
Of course many men seek a younger wife, there is nothing wrong with that! But younger should be 10/15 years age difference if you really wish to succeed on any Russian online dating web site, It is fact that all the guys who succeed in marring a Russian women do so by seeking a women in a realistic age group, and it is fact that all the men seeking a women 30/40 years younger than themselves never succeed in finding anyone. 
If you want to succeed the number one rule is seek a women in a realistic age group.
Another common reason why so many men fail on Russian online dating sites is simply they expect every thing to happen over night! It doesn't! The average time for a guy to find his other half on any Legitimate Online Russian Dating site is 2/3 years some are lucky and do it within 12 months but only a few, so you need to be prepared to make multiple trips to Russia as just like dating women in your own country very seldom you will meet the first women, fall in love and marry, though it does happen if you are lucky!




Always Create A Good Profile On A Online Russian Dating Site. Best Russian Online Dating Tips


When making your profile on any Russian dating site you should always make it brief but interesting , as they say "First impressions count" Here are some tips to help:


1. Upload only recent photos and be sure to upload a min of 3/4 very recent images that are good sharp quality images. Some men will upload photos of them when they were twenty years younger, this is not a good idea. Why would a women want to see photos of a man when he was twenty years younger? It makes you look stupid and in any case at some time you are going to have to show your real recent photos, no women will want to communicate with a man who refuses to show himself.


2. Write a short but interesting Bio. Women like to read a little opening information about you, but you should keep it short and interesting so as not to bore any of the ladies. Some men prefer to have a empty Bio box, but it takes just a couple of minutes to write a Bio which you can be sure will make your profile a little more interesting.


3. Put a realistic age where it asks "Ideal partners age" If your 65 years old and women see your looking for a women 18-30 you can be sure they will stay away from you, you can also be sure that all the scammers operating will soon notice you are looking for a young barbie doll, and guess what? They will all be writing to you , waiting to scam your hard earned cash. Is A Leading Trusted Online Russian Dating Site. Sign Up Today Free And Start Your Russian Dating Online.