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Russian personals
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Searching The Russian Women Personals Online For Marriage


The Russian personals industry has grown tremendously over the last 15 years, only two decades ago there was no Russian online dating sites to be found anywhere within Russia. Today Russian personal sites are growing month by month with millions of young and old Russian singles turning to the internet for love and romance.

Along with this has grown the International dating sites with men from all over the world searching the Russian personal ads in hundreds of Russian dating sites.

If you are one of the many thousands of men who have decided to search for Russian singles amongst the Russian personals ads in one of the many Russian dating sites on the net today, then the choice of Russian singles is huge.

Russia is a country of over 120 million people with a huge population of single russian women in fact over 10 million more women than men with this in mind you can understand why the Russian personals industry is booming.

If you are searching for a Russian bride on the internet today things are considerably harder than twenty years ago there is huge competition within Russia for single Russian women, with millions of Russian men searching the Russian personals each day along with the huge increase in International dating with thousands of men from all over the world seeking international relationships on International dating sites. .

You only need to Google "Russian dating sites" and a huge selection will appear before you with thousands of Russian personals to search through. Here are a few good tips to help you succeed in your search for single Russian women in the Russian personals sites.


1. Only ever use a Western owned and managed site.

2. Stay away from Russian dating sites that are full of young 20 something model looking women.

3. Stay away from any pay per mail sites , they will be fake mails and fake women for sure.

4. Only use Russian dating sites that allow free exchange of contact information Skype/email/phone

5. Stay away from Russian video chat sites, the women are fake and work only to keep you online at a huge cost.

Best of luck in your Russian personals searches.



Russian Women Personals And Staying Safe Online


As with most things related to the internet caution should always be taken even more so when searching online for a partner from another country.
Generally you should have no problems searching any Russian personals web sites, Russia has many genuine women searching for a foreign husband, its just a small minority that have given the industry a bad  rap, and of course the fact that many single guys just don't stick to a few basic rules and use some common sense. Using common sense will ensure you never have to come across any scammers or fake women, but it is also important to ensure you stay away from poor quality Russian personals sites, always stick to reputable Russian dating and personals sites.
One of the biggest mistakes for most men searching for single Russian women on any personals site is they will always sign up to the web sites that are full of  young beautiful  women in their 20/30's just sat all day in the internet waiting for a man to come save her from a terrible life in Russia. Russian women having a terrible life in Russia is all make believe it is what most Hollywood movies want to to imagine, snow 24/7 365 days a year , no food in the shops and Russian women only being able to find an alcoholic husband, of course none of this is true!
There are Russian women looking for a foreign husband but times have changed considerably in Russia, it is not possible to arrive at a local bar flash your passport about and have hours of Russian women chasing you, that finished 25 years ago.
Today you will have to work considerably harder to find your Russian women to marry, if you are prepared to do that and stick to a realist age group you should have no problems.


Making A Trip To Russia To Meet A Single Russian Women


As with any trip abroad some planning will need to go into it, even more so if you plan to visit a Russian women in Russia. It is always best to do a little research before the trip as Russia requires that most visitors to Russia make a visa application, this is an easy process and nothing to worry about , but always advisable to do in advance.
There are many sites on the internet with advice about visiting Russia and it is advisable to check a few of these out.
Good luck with your searches.