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Russian personals dating apps what is the attraction? 

The Russian personals industry has grown tremendously over the last 15 years, only two decades ago there was no Russian online dating sites to be found anywhere within Russia. Today Russian personal sites are growing month by month with millions of young and old Russian singles turning to the internet for love and romance. Maybe it is time for you to start checking out some Russian personals ad's ?

Along with this has grown the International dating sites with men from all over the world searching the Russian personal ads in hundreds of Russian personals women dating sites.

If you are one of the many thousands of men who have decided to search for Russian singles amongst the Russian personals ads in one of the many Russian personals women dating sites on the net today, then the choice of Russian singles is huge.

Russia is a country of over 120 million people with a huge population of single russian women in fact over 10 million more women than men with this in mind you can understand why the Russian personals industry is booming.






How To Succeed On A Trusted Russian women
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If you really want to succeed in finding yourself a women to marry on one of the many Russian personals sites you will need to take some simple steps and put into practice the steps below, doing this will ensure you become one of the minority who actually succeed in finding their love in Russia. How do we know? We have been in the business for 10 years, we know who succeeds and who fails.



  • 1.  Always Upload good quality recent pictures of yourself on your profile. Use at least 2 or 3 recent, high quality, sharp, images. Make sure to include a good picture of your head and face because women tend to be attracted to a guy’s face first. DO NOT make the mistake of uploading photos of yourself from 15/20 years ago when you was a young lad, it really does not help, serious women have no interests in seeing photos of a guy when he was 20 years younger, at the first instance she wants to see how you look right now. If you'r an older guy in his 60/70's and think uploading images of you when you was 35 years old will help you find a young women, Im sorry to say it will not.




  • 2.  Chat with women in a realistic age range from yourself.  As a rule of thumb, I’d always suggest that you don’t contact women who are significantly younger than you would expect to date at home. Don't fall for the same mistake so many Western men make and that is thinking you'r going to be able to date a women over half your age. Most Western men fall at the first hurdle here by contacting women young enough to be their grand daughter. Generally men who start communicating with women over 30 years younger than them selves never succeed and in fact will usually wast many years chasing a dream that does not exist. Yes you can find a younger women whilst searching Russian personals , but if you are serious in your searches you should stick to a maximum of 10/12 year age difference.



  • 3.  Successful men are always proactive. This is very important point and something that can make all the difference between succeeding or failing. The best Trusted Russian personals dating sites ALWAYS allow unlimited communication with all members on the site, they also allow members to freely exchange contact information such as Skype or What's App. It is in your interests to take advantage of this and use your membership wisely to connect with as many women as possible. The best possible advise is to log in every day or two and send a message to at least 20-30 Russian personals that you are attracted to, you can even send some to women with no photos, there is nothing to loose here. There is no need to write  individual letters to start with, just a short introductory letter to start that can be copy pasted and used as an "Ice breaker" , it is important that you stick to this plan for a whole month minimum , remembering many women will only visit the site every few days or even once a week or so. This may mean you are sending messages to women who maybe not your match criteria, but don't let this put you off. You will be surprised how many men have met their partner online and that partner was not his first choice in the first instance.  Often men start communicating with women who they thought were not perfect but after a little conversation the sparks were flying and it was as though they had known each other for years! Try it! You maybe surprised. Stick to this plan and within a week you will start receiving plenty of answers , giving you the chance to pick the best Russian personals to answer to. Do not just sign up to a Russian personals site and sit and wait for Christmas.. be PROACTIVE. 






  • 4.  The candy store effect do not let it happen to you at all costs! You may not think this is important, but trust me! It is  one of the biggest stumbling blocks for 90% of men signed up to a Russian personals dating site. If it happens to your you'r going to be stuck going from one site to the next for the next few years never getting any where, so what is this "Candy store effect"?  Often a man will contact a women, start communication with her over few days only to receive a message from another women, who maybe a little prettier , he will immediately drop the women he is in contact with and stat communication with the new one, this will happen time and time again. If you find a person that you like and with whom you build a rapport then stay with her, for a while at least to see what happens. If you have already got to know her why drop her just for a women you have not even communicated with. 





  • 5.  Honesty is always the best policy! When it comes to dating Russian women honesty is a trait that is highly prized. It is important to make an honest bio when making your profile and during communication always stick to the truth, if you just work in the local store there is no need to say you are a millionaire with 15 stores, there is no need to say you drive the latest Range Rover and certainly stick to the truth when it comes talking about family and friends.  Do not make yourself out to be something you are not, in the end you will be found out. Russian women are searching for an honest guy and to the vast majority of Russian women your wealth or social status is not so important.





How Do I Spot A Genuine Russian Personals Dating WebSite Online
Many guys decide to search for Russian women personals women for marriage and will start by browsing Russian women personals, but often one of the biggest concerns is finding a reputable Russian personals dating site , unfortunately it is a well known fact that over 80% of the sites out there are in fact either fake or poor quality with very few Russian singles 
signing up and little chance of having a real conversation with any Russian women. But there is some good news out there and that is when it comes 
spotting a fake Russian personals site is as easy as 1-2-3. How do you do that? You may ask?
Spotting a fake Russian women personals dating site is very easy and actually takes just a few minutes, follow these simple points and you will have your answer:
1. Does the site have pages and pages of young beautiful Russian personal women with not ordinary women on site?
2. Does every Russian personal woman have a perfect photo set? There is not one woman with no photos?
3. Is every woman super slim? There is not an overweight woman in sight?
4. Is every woman tall and slim? No short woman? 
5. Is every single Russian personal woman perfectly dressed as though she just stepped off the Paris catwalk? 
By now you should already realise you are on a fake Russian personals site and it is time to leave. Always stick to a genuine legitimate Russian personals dating website.
When it comes to any real Russian personals dating site you should always see a broad mix of women, from all ages and backgrounds, tall women and short women , slim women and overweight women. You should also see many women who have not uploaded any photos, just like you would on any mainstream dating site, you should also see many single Russian women who have uploaded poor quality photos, not every woman has a perfect set of photos do you? Always search for a genuine long established and legitimate Russian women personals dating site to ensure you have a good chance of success. 
Why is it safe to use Bridesandlovers Russian personals app? is a very long established Russian women personals dating site with a great reputation, we have been around for over a decade now helping singles from all around the world connect with each other. We take our dating seriously and we look after our daters. It is in our interests for you to have a safe online dating experience that is as scam free as we possibly can make it. We are one of the most trusted and legitimate Russian personals women Dating sites on the net. We have developed our own custom software to keep our site free from Scammers and we are the best in the business at it, your not going to find our site full of young beauty queens all saying they are looking to marry a guy 50 years older than themselves. On our site you really can meet Russian personals for marriage, we have real  Russian  women seeking foreign men for marriage.
We want you to succeed on our dating site, your success is our success but to be successful is all dependent on you guys out there to have realistic expectations, this is the most important part when it comes to trying to date Russian personals women, realistic expectations = success it is as simple as that and how ever safe and legitimate the web site is only the member can shape his future. Many Russian women personals dating sites have bad rap but usually for the wrong reasons , if you're a guy in your 70's looking for a teenage Russian bride you're going to be asking for trouble whatever you do, and there is no point in blaming the website where you met a teenage girl. Doing so is no different to blaming the local supermarket for selling you cigarettes which kill  you in the end. There are thousands of genuine Russian  brides seeking marriage, stay realistic and you really can succeed in marrying a beautiful Russian woman. As Russia is predominantly a Christian country marrying a Christian Russian woman is a pretty easy task, has thousands of Russian personals seeking foreign husbands, it takes just two minutes to register and premium members get the full benefit of absolutely unlimited  communication with as many young or mature Russian personals as they wish. If you are serious in seeking a Russian woman for marriage then our Russian personals dating site is the place to be.
The bottom line here is very simple. BE REALISTIC at all times do so and you will avoid all the pitfalls and problems you hear about in the media when it comes to dating Russian personals or in fact any eastern European dating. Registration on our Russian personals dating site takes just a minute.
How do I take my Russian personals women back to the USA? 

A K-1 visa is what you need to bring a foreigner you want to marry to America. It's important to remember that meeting your potential spouse face-to-face in the last two years is a requirement for the application's approval. Furthermore, you need to be a U.S. citizen or hold a green card, be eligible for marriage, and not be currently married to someone else. Nonetheless, even when your intended wife arrives in the United States, the process isn't fully completed because the K-1 visa is only valid for a period of 3 months.

Throughout this 3-month period, officials from USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) will scrutinise the authenticity of your relationship with your potential spouse. She will be restricted from seeking employment, applying to educational institutions, or participating in activities that could change her immigration status. Once you are done with the process, your love can move to the U.S. and spend the whole life there with you.


Is it safe to travel to Russia to meet a lady?
Despite international sanctions it is possible to travel to Russia. The consulates issue visas normally and life in Russia is completely normal. However, you should consider the existing limitations when taking flights, making payments, or booking accommodation. For the latest information about traveling to Russia please read this article " Traveling to Russia
The Russian consulates issue visas normally, it is also possible to apply for an electronic visa and life in Russia is completely normal. However, you should be aware of the limitations when taking flights, making payments, or booking accommodation. Other than that all is normal.
You should also bear in mind there are still thousands of foreigners from the US and Europe living normal lives in Russia who have no plans to leave the country. Despite what you may read in the Western media life goes on as normal in Russia. We would strongly suggest to check out some Moscow expat groups in Facebook to see how life continues as normal.
The top 10 cities in Russia to meet Russian personals
1. Moscow: Russian women personals in Moscow. As the capital and largest city in Russia, Moscow is a vibrant metropolis with a rich cultural scene and numerous opportunities to meet single women. The city offers a mix of modern amenities and historical landmarks, making it an exciting place to explore and connect with locals.

2. St. Petersburg: Russian women personals in St Petersburg. Known for its grand architecture and cultural heritage, St. Petersburg is a popular destinationfor meeting single Russian women. The city's beautiful palaces, museums, and scenic canals provide a romantic backdrop for socializing and getting to know new people 

3. Yekaterinburg: Russian women personals in Yekaterinburg. Located in the Urals region, Yekaterinburg is a dynamic city with a diverse population. It's a great place to interact with single women while exploring its historical sites and engaging in local social activities.

4. Kazan: Russian women personals in Kazan. As the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan is a unique blend of Russian and Tatar cultures. The city's rich history and modern development create an inviting atmosphere for meeting single Russian women who appreciate cultural diversity.

5. Novosibirsk: Russian women personals in Novosibirsk. Situated in Siberia, Novosibirsk is a bustling city with a growing economy and a vibrant social scene. It's a good place to encounter single women who are open to meeting new people and building meaningful connections.

6. Sochi: Russian women personals in Sochi. Renowned for its beautiful coastline and subtropical climate, Sochi attracts visitors and locals alike. It offers a relaxed setting for meeting single women who appreciate outdoor activities and a laid-back lifestyle.

7. Krasnodar: Russian women personals in Krasnodar. Located in the south of Russia, Krasnodar has a warm climate and a lively atmosphere. The city's welcoming vibe and local hospitality make it an excellent place to engage with single women in a social setting.

8. Nizhny Novgorod: Russian women personals in Nizhny Novgorad. Positioned on the Volga River, Nizhny Novgorod is a historic city with a picturesque landscape. It provides opportunities to meet single Russian women who value cultural experiences and outdoor recreation.

9. Rostov-on-Don: Russian women personals in Rostov-on-Don.With its riverside location and vibrant arts scene, Rostov-on-Don offers a captivating environment for meeting single women interested in artistic expression and intellectual pursuits.

10. Vladivostok: Russian women personals in Vladivostok. Situated on Russia's eastern coast, Vladivostok is a port city with a distinct Far Eastern flavor. This unique location attracts single women who may have a more adventurous spirit and an interest in exploring new horizons.



- Are Russian women personals apps real?

Yes for sure they are real. It is important to choose a reliable Russian personals dating website wisely to avoid disappointment and bad experiences always check for reviews and good feedback. Use common sence always when searching for a trusted Russian women dating site.

- Are Russian women still in fashion?

Yes, they are still popular. The problem is that women from Russia can’t find a soulmate in their own country as local men tend to be very strict and controlling. These sweet ladies want to be loved and respected. They see their partner as a best friend who they want to explore the world with, while most Russian men prefer their wives to stay at home and manage all the housework.
For these reasons, ladies from Russia want to date foreigners who are more adventurous, open-minded, and romantic. There has been a big incline in international unions with Russian women and foreigners, so we can definitely say that the tendency keeps on growing.

- CanI really meet Russian women personals online?

Yes, if you choose one of the good reliable dating website. These sites will often have a huge database of profiles of hot single ladies who are dreaming of finding the one and building a family together. Even though they are unbelievably attractive, don’t forget to pay attention to their likes and dislikes, personal traits and values in life. Be honest, open, and just yourself from the very beginning. It will help you to find a good wife to go through life together.

- Why is it better to use paid Russian personals app than a free Russian women personals website without payment?

If you want a safe and trusted online dating experience safe then paid is the way to go. Paid websites provide more security to their members and verify accounts. In Russia, women dating foreigners also prefer paid sites for the sake of internet safety, as scammers will often avoid paid dating sites. As they always say "You get what you pay for" 


Good luck browsing Russian women personals online.





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