How to Create a Profile That Gets Results


A good profile is the first step in attracting the perfect Russian woman. Here are 5 simple tips to help you create animpressive profile that will get results.

Be Individual

The more Individual your profile, the more chance that a Russian women will notice you. 90% of profiles say the same things. Try to avoid using the usual clichs like I am a good communicator I like to be happy Try a different approach and replace them instead with interesting points about yourself, if you are always happy say why you are always happy , post some pictures. Russian women searching through mens profiles soon become bored of profile after profile of the same clichs

Be Clear and transparent

Even though many of the beautiful women on are not native English speakers, Try to make an effort to write complete sentences,use proper grammar and punctuation, and avoid text speak and unclear abbreviations. The ladies and their translators may not understand that u r hot means you are hot, or that BRB is short for Be Right Back Some ladies maybe very fluent in English but often if their language skills are only intermediate they will seldom understand text speak or short slang words.

Dont Share Too Much or Too Little

Many men while creating a profile will either cram too much information into their profiles or write almost nothing at all. Women are not interested in reading your whole life story on first contact; they are looking for details in general to see if you have any common ground. Just write enough to give women a general idea of who you are, what you like to do, and the kind of woman youre hoping to find. Though it may be difficult to find the right length, your efforts will almost certainly pay off as too much text or too little may cause women to skip over your profile.



Upload a Good Quality Recent Photo

A good profile photo can mean the difference between attracting many women and attracting none at all. If you decide not to upload a profile photo you will probably find that you will receive no response whatsoever, would you write to a lady with no photo? So what constitutes a good photo? In general, clear, properly-sized photos that show a man who appears friendly, approachable, and reasonably groomed get the best results. Gentlemen should avoid posting pictures that are too big or too small, ones that are hopelessly out of date or those that contain suggestive poses or inappropriate states of undress. Many women will go straight to your photos and will decide within a few seconds if they want to investigate your profile further.

Modify and Update Your Profile

If you do not seem to be achieving good results try to update your profile and add new photos. If you are searching for a Russian women on a Russian dating site you should always try to look well groomed.