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Top 5 Russian Dating Sites for Marriage

Top 5 Russian Dating Sites


Many. single Western men who decide to search for a foreign partner start their search in Russia and will usually do a search in Google for the Top 5 Russian dating sites.

Every Russian, or Ukrainian, dating site will have information somewhere on its pages claiming that they are a top dating site. That applies whether the business is a legitimate trusted  one or some some Russian crook operating from his basement and hosting profiles from scammers with the intention of solely stealing hard earned money from foreign men searching for love and romance overseas.


Whatever a site tells you about its reputation should be safely discarded because everyone says the same thing and words mean very little when it comes to the internet. Think of it this way, when was the last time you saw a website, of any kind, that said ‘we are dishonest web site with only purpose to steal your hard earned cash ?


So this is a issue for people seeking love online; how can you find sites that really is in the top 5 Russian dating sites that I can trust 100% ?  A web site that will deal with you honestly and fairly and where you can really have a chance of finding love and romance online on a trusted top Russian dating site?

It Isn’t What They Say, But What They Do!


If you want to find a Top 5 Russian dating site  there are many pointers that will help you with your search and give you a good start on the road to finding love and romance online at a Russian dating site. Many singles sign start their search without giving any thought to the web sites reputation or doing just a little search via Google for any positive or negative feedback. Of course you cannot always trust feedback you find in Google  as much can be fake, however it should give you a general idea about the site as to wether its just another poor quality Russian dating site or a Top 5 Russian dating site.


Here are a few extra pointers to look out for when considering any web site :



  1. 1. Does the site actively monitor profiles to make sure they are genuine?
  2. 2. Does the site remove profiles that are reported as belonging to scammers or that are bogus and if so does the site remove them within a reasonable time?
  3. 3. Does the site management  react to customer service issues , does the management answer your e mails?
  4. 4. Does the site share you on a PPL plan your a monthly subscription plan with unlimited communications with ladies?
  5. 5. Is the site full of impossibly attractive young women all desperate to communicate with you? Are you receiving messages non stop from young beautiful women?
  6. 6. Does the site have human moderators working to keep the place clean and safe for all the genuine users? Does the site share any of its moderation secrets?
  7. 7. Does the site hide information relating to ownership of the web site?



The bottom line is the best security on any dating site is that which you provide for yourself! If you are realistic in your searches , use some common sense then you are probably very unlikely to have any communication whatsoever with any scammers. Most men who fall victim to scammers usually do from their own stupidity.. If a young women aged 25 contacts you and you just happen to be 65 something should immediately tell you not to make any communication with this women , however beautiful she may seem.