Why It Is Best To Avoid Ukrainian Marriage Agencies



Why It Is Best To Avoid Ukrainian Marriage Agencies even if they say they are legitimate


For over two decades now western men including many from the USA have been travelling to Ukraine searching for a wife to marry, and for over two decades now Western men have been scammed out of money in the process.



Best Ukrainian Marriage Agency , Best Kiev Marriage Agency , Best Odessa Marriage Agency ? Before Looking Read This

Though there are just a small handful of Western owned legitimate Ukrainian marriage agencies in Ukraine the vast majority are operated by Ukrainian outfits intent on scamming as much money from Western men as possible. This has been going on for over twenty years. The whole Ukrainian marriage agency thing is a complete scam, you will be sent fake letters and expected to pay to open them, you will meet Ukrainian women who are paid by the agency to pretend to be interested when you visit and at the same time will take you to the most expensive restaurants in town. We have all heard the stories! And it is an on going problem.

But times have moved on and fast over the last 15 years, if you really are serous to meet a Ukrainian women for marriage then there is no need anymore to become a victim of some scam operation. No need for any so called Trusted Ukrainian marriage agencies. You can speak direct now to marriage minded ladies in Kiev, Odessa and kharkov.


Look at the following points:

1. Why pay to open letters from women you are not even sure exist?

2. Why use a marriage agency as a middle man? Not all but many are crooks.?

3. Why pay to chat via video to any women you maybe interested in at the marriage agency?

4. Why pay for translation services for a Ukrainian women you are not even sure exists?

5. Why let a Ukrainian marriage agency find a few possible candidates for you?

You know there really is a better option today to meet a Ukrainian women for marriage, things have moved on considerably so much so you could consider a Trusted Ukrainian marriage agency as old fashioned and out of date. Before the internet was around Ukrainian marriage agencies were the only way to meet Ukrainian women seeking a Western husband and often involved several trips to Ukraine some times to meet women you have nver even spoken to in real life, it was usually a hit or miss situation and a very expensive method to find a women to marry from Ukraine.

Today there are many Russian and Ukrainian dating sites offering a great service for men searching for a Ukrainian bride. You just need to register search Ukrainian singles and off you go. Most Ukrainian women have Skype so there is no need to pay for video chat. The best Russian Ukrainian dating sites allow members to freely exchange contact information. The greatest thing of all is you can do all of this from the comfort of your own sitting room.



Here are a few great tips on why you need never use a Ukrainian marriage agency and can receive much better results on a modern Russian dating site.


For a small monthly charge, usually less than $30.00. usually you will have unlimited access to all the women on the site and at the same time be able to exchange contact information with all the ladies freely.


1. No charge for sending or opening emails and unlimited.

2. No charge for video chat! You just exchange Skype contact details.

3. Usually there are thousands of members to communicate with and new members signing up by the day.

5. No bars or blocks on exchanging phone numbers with as many Ukrainian women on the site as you wish.

6. A long established British site working with good business ethics.


Lets also look at some facts, we are now in the 21st Century where nearly every household in Western Europe and Eastern Europe have internet access in their house, who uses Internet cafes any more? Just about no body , probably the reason my most Internet cafes in Eastern Europe have closed down in the last few years. The same goes for Ukrainian marriage agencies there simply is no need for them any more. If you are searching for a Ukrainian women to marry then you have all the technology at your finger tips right in your own sitting room to connect with marriage minded Ukrainian women from Odessa , Kharkov and Kiev.
 Ukrainian Marriage Agencies V Modern Ukrainian Dating Sites



There are many reasons why you should stay away from Ukrainian marriage agencies , just Google the subject and you will find stories after stories about Western men being scammed by Ukrainian marriage agencies. Fifteen years ago a marriage agency was one of the only ways to meet with Ukrainian women and there was a few success stories but today in the 21st Century marriage agencies really are a prehistoric way to meet Ukrainian women today. 
Just think about it logically why on earth would you want to pay a middle man/women in Ukraine to forward messages to a women? Does it sound crazy? Yes of course it does!  A long time back it was the only option! But now every women in Ukraine has internet access in their home, unlike 15 years ago when many had to use a Internet cafe .
Every women has a smart phone! Despite what you may read in the media, even young Ukrainian kids have smart phones these days and those phones have all the necessary apps for you to communicate with Ukrainain women seeking marriage, no need for internet cafe's no need for third parties,
All you need to do today to connect with thousands of marriage minded women is sign up to a modern Ukrainian dating site, a site that will give you access to thousands of women and will allow you to freely exchange contact information with your favorite women. It is as easy as 1-2-3 .




Odessa Marriage Agencies , Kharkov Marriage Agencies, Kiev Marriage Agency. Do you Really Need Them ?





If you are set on meeting a women from Odessa or Kharkov for marriage and think the best option is with one of the local marriage agencies think again! Even worse are you thinking of a romance tour to one of these cities? There is no need to becoming a victim of a scam agency today who will milk you for every penny they can, why do you need to meet women who speak no English , hire a translator to follow  you around at a stupid price. No those days are well and truly finished.
How Can I Meet Ukrainain Women Inexpensively And Without Using  Ukrainain Marriage  Agencies ?
Well if you need to connect with Ukrainian women today it is just a matter of finding a few Ukrainian women to communicate with and exchanging personal contact information with your favourites ladies from Ukraine the rest is easy. Making a trip to Ukraine is very easy today, no need have an agency do this for you, even accommodation in any Ukrainian city can easily be booked on sites such as Booking.com , yes well come to the 21st century where every thing is possible to arrange from the comfort of your own home.
Ok I Want To Use A Ukrainian Dating Site Instead Of A Ukrainian Marriage Agency Can You Recommend one?


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