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For many guys searching for a Russian or Eastern European wife the biggest fear is being scammed by the web site or the ladies ?

We want to put your mind at rest for any fears you may have over this and have put some important pointers for you to consider.


1. has been established since 2009, we have been around a few years and know exactly what our members are searching for. 


2. is operated by a British managed company operating in St Petersburg Russia. If you would like some information on the owner of the site please visit 


3. operate a transparant business. Any WHOIS check will clearly show you the owner and operator of this site.


4. is probably the most safest FSUW site to be registered on, we have our own CupidGuard Technology safeguarding the site. It is nearly impossible for scammers to operate on the site any that do manage to register are swiftly removed within a few hours.


5. Unlike many other sites on the net you will not find pages and pages of 20 something girls all looking like they just walked off the catwalk. We have real ladies from all ages and backgrounds, if you are realistic in your searches you can be assured of finding a partner here.


6. We do not operate a "Pay Per Letter " System, we all know those sites using that system are usually fake along with the women. For a small monthly fee members have full access to ALL the ladies on our site. You are free to exchange contact details with as many ladies as you wish, there is NO limits. We have several thousand new registrations each month so you will never run out of ladies to write to.


7. Where do our ladies come from?  We do not use any agencies or partner with any agencies, all our ladies come from Search results on the internet and paid advertising.


8. Verified members. We have many verified members who have submitted their personal ID to us for checking. only verify members who have uploaded their ID. This is an important point as many sites out there will verify any ladies at "Their discretion" This is not a proffesional way to verify any members.


9. It is always advisable to use a Western owned and managed FSUW dating site to be sure of customer service. We do not pretend to be "Western owned and managed" we are and offer a great customer service for all our members. 


10. has a great reputaion, so much so that many other sites often try to steal or members or our name, take a look at this example below. We do not and never have indulged in these practices, we have no need to.


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