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Do Younger Russian Girls Really Want marriage to Older Husbands?


Are you looking for a young Russian Bride? Do you want to marry a young Russian woman?
If you are one of the many men who has decided to search for a young brides for marriage? Or maybe you are just interested in dating a young Russian girl? Our page will give
you all the information you need to help you decide if dating young Russian girls is really for you, we will also explain the pitfalls of searching for a young Russian woman for marriage 
and even if it really is possible to marry a young Russian bride.
Many men are lucky enough to marry a young Russian bride but just as many fail in their quest to marry young Russin women, much depends on yourself and most importantly to
understand that if you are lucky enough to marry a young Russian women it is going to take some time to find your young Russian bride , on average you can expect to take 2/3 years 
of searching and several trips to Russia before you find your match. If you are willing and understand that it will not happen overnight then you are already on your way to becoming a 
success story and joining the many thousands of single men who found love and romance in Russia. is an International Russian dating site giving men from all over the world the chance to meet and marry young Russian women looking for marriage with foreign
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Young Russian Girls For Marriage on a young Russian women dating site

Young Russian women for marriage 


Have you decided to search for a young Russian girl for marriage ? Every year thousands of Western men search for young Russian women to marry some succeed but many fail.
Many guys have seen the movies where the older guy has a young Russian bride or is dating a young Russian girl, but is it really possible to marry a young Russian girl today? It is important to remember much has changed in Russia today and that includes life and living standards for young Russian women. Just after the fall of the Soviet Union it was an easy task to find yourself a young Russian bride, just turn up with your passport and the young Russian beauties would be flocking around you within minutes. Today it is a very different story in Modern Russia. We hope this article will give you a little insight on the topic of marring a young women from Russia.


In many different countries throughout the world, younger women are often attracted to older, more mature men. You may receive many emails and chat requests from Russian girls who are much younger than you. You may as why is this and are they really serious?


A few Reasons Why Younger Russian Women for marriage are Attracted to Older Men

Russian women are like any other like any other women in the world, who are ready to settle down and create a family .They are more interested in searching for a man who is less likely to go out to the clubs and bars with his friends. Russian women search for a man that is mature, stable and will give them love and respect. These happen to be traits of mature wiser men, and not of the 18-35 age group, who in general still just want to have fun with girls. Older mature men usually know what they want in life, and will put a lot more effort into a relationship to make it successful. 

But it is very important to understand this point, yes young Russian women are happy to marry older men, but that will have its limits. If your in your 70's or 60's looking for a young Russian women in her 30' s unfortunately it simply is not going to happen, in the movies yes! But in real life unfortunately it is a big NO NO.
If you are really serious in searching for a younger Russian girl to marry you could expect to find a girl 20 years younger than yourself but even this age difference is not an easy one, realistically you should be seeking a Russian girl that is 10/15 years younger than yourself, doing this you have a real chance of finding a young Russian bride to marry.

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Young Russian Brides for marriage are Keen and Excited to meet Foreign men ?

The majority of young Russian women lead very busy lives with studying and university days, so when they do have some free time to go to the internet and search for a foreign husband they are usually very excited, many girls will contact as many men as possible. In all this excitement of communicating with men from a different culture and with having so much attention of foreign men it is easy for these girls to forget about age, and often will not think if the age difference will make a successful marriage.

A typical example of young Russian women showing interest in older guys is for example you arrive in Russia and start chatting to some young Russian girls, who have probably never met a foreigner before and probably never even seen a foreigners passport, for these young Russian girls it is very interesting for them to chat with you and take interest in your passport. But you will need to understand young women showing an interest in you and your passport is considerably different from chatting to a young Russian girl and marrying her.



So Will a Marriage to a Young Russian Bride Really Work? Can I really marry a young Russian girl?

There are so many factors involved it is very hard to say if age really matters in a marriage, every person is unique and so is every relationship. Russian women defiantly do tend to date, and in many cases, marry men who are older than them its quiet normal for them to marry a man who is 10 or 15 years older than herself. Some Russian girls may look very young, but they may feel and act more mature. Everyone is different for some a large age difference may work, yet for some it may be absolutely ridiculous. Some men can be 45 years old but seem in life like a 65 year old in mind and body, where as some men who are 65 can be 45 in mind and soul, everyone is different, but you can be sure a young Russian bride is not going to want to start her married life as a carer for you. To some people age really can just be a number, to some it cannot.


Although there is never no guarantees marrying a young Russian women 10-15 years younger than yourself should cause no major problems and if you are both ready to work at your marriage then you have a good chance to out last many other marriages. Unfortunately if your in your 60's and by some miracle you marry a thirty year old women , statistically your marriage is doomed to fail, if you happen to be wealthy you will probably loose some of that also just as you would in any other country.



What is my best option? An honest unbiased opinion ?


The best option is always to have a few options and do not spend all of your time chasing women half your age in the hope of finding yourself a young Russian bride for marraige. The men that usually succeed in finding a Russian women to marry are the men that search for a women in a realistic age group. Just go to any "Success stories" page and you will see happy couples together who are in a realistic age group. You will not see pages and pages of happy couples where the age difference is 30/40 years, it simply does not happen any more.

Often is the case that men searching for a very young Russian bride will be searching for many many years often going from web site to web site. The choice is yours.



How to avoid being scammed whilst searching for a young Russian women to marry


If you are searching for a Young Russian women to marry unfortunately the chances of being scammed increase considerably as most scammers or fakes are older women taking advantage of the fact that some older mature men are seeking Young Russian women to communicate with. It is a totally different matter if you are searching for a mature Russian bride the chances then of being scammed are nearly zero.
So here are 8 top tips to help you avoid being scammed whilst searching for a Young Russian women to marry:

1. Too good to be true ? : As the saying always goes "If it is too good to be true" it probably isn't Be aware of gorgeous women you meet on Russian dating sites that claim they are lonely and cannot meet a man. Beautiful women always have options regardless of their country of origin in fact in reality you seldom find the most beautiful Russian women on any dating site , they have enough attention in their own country to pick and choose the best guys.


2. Financial troubles:  Be on guard of women who discuss her financial troubles within a few hours of chatting. This is a clear sign of a woman who does not have genuine intentions for a relationship. In fact, this is most likely to be a scam where in the end the women will request financial help. Some examples are:

  • Her parents died in a tragic accident.
  • Her daughter is terminally ill and needs money for the medical bills
  • She falls in love with you immediately  and asks you to send her money via Western Union. Scammers love to use Western Union because it is difficult to track the recipient once the money has been sent it is goodbye.
  • She really wants to come meet you in your own country but needs a new passport , she will ask you for financial help to re new her passport

3. Fake profilesSome men pose as beautiful, young Russian women and entice unsuspecting foreign men with fake pictures. Always be sure to request video chat as soon as you feel comfortable with the women and do not take any excuses as to why she cannot do this. Every women in Russia has access to the internet and Skype even smart phones are inexpensive in Russia today, most Young Russian kids even have them. If she tells you she has no apps or an old phone then it is time to say goodbye.


4. Plane ticket scams: This scam is predicated on the assumption that all women want to move to Europe and the United States. This assumption is in fact false only a very small percentage of Russian women are interested in meeting foreign men let alone relocating to his country. It is always standard practice for men to travel to Russia for the first meeting, if the women suggests any other plan proceed with extreme caution.


5. Her pictures look too perfect: Whilst it is perfectly normal for Young Russian women to look their best in any photos and will often even photo shop their photos always ask to see some every day photos , suggest you look at her photos in Instagram or Facebook.


6. She falls in love with you after a few messages: A big red flag is when a young woman from a Russian dating site professes her love for you quickly. Often this will be a scam that is setting you up for a request for money , Russian women are just like most other women in the world  and that means they do not fall in love with a total stranger after a few chats or e mails.


7. Translation scams: If a Russian dating site claims that you need to purchase a translation service because Anna cannot communicate in English, then this is an obvious scam. We live in the 21st century not the 18th! There is no need for any translation services today when you have apps as Google translate and many others. Better still stick to communicating with a Russian women who speaks English, you will find many Young Russian women speak good English as it is taught as a second language for many.


8. Russian marriage agencies: Russian marriage agencies are the most prehistoric way to meet any Young Russian women for marriage, they are as outdated as the horse and cart. Russian marriage agencies have a terrible reputation always avoid them like the plague


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What is the best young Russian women Dating site to find a young Russian women to marry?



There are many Russian dating sites on the net today but unfortunately about 95% of them are either scam sites or have no real members, just pages and pages of young pretty Russian women, of course you may say "Im looking for young pretty Russian women"  which is understandable, but you are probably looking for REAL young pretty women, you will only find real young women on a real Russian dating site. BUT how do I know it is a real Russian dating site? Real Russian dating sites with real women will not have pages and pages of young beauty queens, do you honestly think there are no slightly over weight, short or not so pretty women registering at Russian dating sites? Of course not.
We established over 10 years ago and the site is one of the most trusted Russian dating sites on the internet today with a great reputation. We do not guarantee you to meet and marry a young Russian bride, but we do guarantee you will meet real Russian women young and old searching for a Western man for marriage. Registration takes just two minutes.
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