Do Younger Russian Girls Really Want marriage to Older Husbands?

Do Younger Russian Girls Really Want marriage to Older Husbands?
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Young Russian Girls


In many different countries throughout the world, younger women are often attracted to older, more mature men. You may receive many emails and chat requests from Russian girls who are much younger than you. You may as why is this and are they really serious?

A few Reasons Why Younger Women are Attracted to Older Men

Russian women are like any other like any other women in the world, who are ready to settle down and create a family .They are more interested in searching for a man who is less likely to go out to the clubs and bars with his friends. Russian women search for a man that is mature, stable and will give them love and respect. These happen to be traits of mature wiser men, and not of the 18-35 age group, who in general still just want to have fun with girls. Older mature men usually know what they want in life, and will put a lot more effort into a relationship to make it successful.

Young Russian Brides are Keen and Excited to meet Foreign men

The majority of young Russian women lead very busy lives with studying and university days, so when they do have some free time to go to the internet and search for a foreign husband they are usually very excited, many girls will contact as many men as possible. In all this excitement of communicating with men from a different culture and with having so much attention of foreign men it is easy for these girls to forget about age, and often will not think if the age difference will make a successful marriage.

So Will a Marriage to a Young Russian Bride Really Work?

There are so many factors involved it is very hard to say if age really matters in a marriage, every person is unique and so is every relationship. Russian women defiantly do tend to date, and in many cases, marry men who are older than them its quiet normal for them to marry a man who is 10 or 15 years older than herself. Some Russian girls may look very young, but they may feel and act more mature. Everyone is different for some a large age difference may work, yet for some it may be absolutely ridiculous. Some men can be 45 years old but seem in life like a 65 year old in mind and body, where as some men who are 65 can be 45 in mind and soul, everyone is different, but you can be sure a young Russian bride is not going to want to start her married life as a carer for you. To some people age really can just be a number, to some it cannot.


What is my best option?


The best option is always to have a few options and do not spend all of your time chasing women half your age in the hope of finding yourself a young Russian bride for marraige. The men that usually succeed in finding a Russian women to marry are the men that search for a women in a realistic age group. Just go to any "Success stories" page and you will see happy couples together who are in a realistic age group. You will not see pages and pages of happy couples where the age difference is 30/40 years, it simply does not happen any more.

Often is the case that men searching for a very young Russian bride will be searching for many many years often going from web site to web site. The choice is yours.


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