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Are you having a meeting with a Ukrainian women ? Be sure not to make these 10 deadly mistakes

Many Western men decide to search for a Ukrainian women for marriage often traveling thousands of miles to Ukraine hoping to date a Ukrainian women. But just how easy is it ? And are there any pitfalls you should avoid when meeting a Ukrainian women for marriage? If you have signed up to one of the Ukrainian dating sites in the hope of meeting a Ukrainian women you may of already started to communicate with several Ukrainian women and have an idea about their character and mentality. Here are a few tips to take when you go on a date with a single Ukrainian women.





Meeting a Ukrainian Women. Mistake #1: You never bought flowers on the first date.




What ever you do on your first meeting with a Ukrainian women DO NOT forget the flowers!

Not arriving on  your first date with flowers really can spell trouble. Ukrainian women have been bought up with strong traditional values and men are still considered gentlemen 

Fix: Just buy your Ukrainian women  some flowers! It doesn't matter what you have to put off to pop in to the florist , just do it! it is as simple as that!



Meeting a Ukrainian Women. Mistake #2: Not opening a door or pulling out a chair.



We all know the perfect gentleman opens the door, pulls out chairs, holds the coat for her to slip in, carries the bags, and in general treats her like she is a movie star. 

Ukrainian women love to hold they partners arm when on a quiet walk, so you should always offer your Ukrainian women your arm, remember she will probably be in those high heels.


Fix: When meeting a Ukrainian girl be sure to treat her like t you would your grandmother.  Just doing this will ensure you already have a head start in her good books. 




Dating a Ukrainian Women. Mistake  #3: Arriving for the date looking like your homeless.



On your first date with a beautiful Ukrainian girl? Just spend two minutes to think of the effort this beautiful girl will be putting in to make her self look stunning for you on your date.  Do you know how long it usually takes for a Ukrainian women to get ready and do her make up? There is no need to guess her reaction if you turn up for your first date in shorts and a t-shirt of some scruffy pair of trousers with an un ironed shirt? yes you got it, she is NOT going to be impressed in fact she will probably be in a big rush to get away from you.

Always make sure you are dressed up, the shirt and trousers and a smart pair of shoes.. failed to do so could put an early end to your Ukrainian dating.

Fix: Go pick yourself up the latest copy of Esquire and check out what the modern man is wearing today to a date, when you are dating a Ukrainian women always arrive in clean ironed clothes preferably trousers, shirt and polished shoes. It does not take too long to make yourself look presentable. Just do it!




Dating a Ukrainian women. Mistake  #4: Grubby hands and dirty teeth.


So you'r planning to meet a beautiful Ukrainian women who has spent the whole evening making her self look stunning for you, you can be sure she will be immaculately dressed and of course will be expecting the same with you. But guess what she will also be thinking? At some point she maybe kissing you and you may have your hands over her, one of the first things she will notice are your hands and teeth, yes it really is important to arrive with clean hands and teeth or you could find yourself in a no go situation from the first minute.

What ever your occupation in life it really does take little time for basic cleanliness.

Fix: General cleanliness is very easy!! Just do it!



Meeting a Ukrainian girl. Mistake #5: Poor hygiene.



So this is not a problem associated with only Ukrainian women, but strangely enough so many guys fail to fix the issue! too many guys are happy to not have a shower and just take a few shortcuts, spraying deodorant over a already bad body smell is not going to fix the problem? How many guys have felt a little hot and sweaty on a first date? Yes it often happens making any poor hygiene problems 10 times worse. 


Fix: Don't take short cuts in the shower! Ensure you have a proper scrub up and spend some time doing it, stay away from cheap perfumes that will wear off after the first 45 minutes.





Meeting a Ukrainian girl. Mistake #6:  Not picking the tab.



When it comes too dating in Ukraine men are still very traditional and still have traditional values along with traditional ideas about a mans place in the relationship. For most Ukrainian women it is considered a mans duty to pay the restaurant bill on a date night this applies to local guys and foreign guys.

If you are serious about dating a Ukrainian women then you need to come to the idea of paying all the bills whilst dating, if your expecting your Ukrainian girl to pay half then you really are in the wrong place and clearly Russian dating is not going to be for you.


Fix: This is an easy one! just pay the bills.




Meeting a Ukrainian lady. Mistake  #7: Getting hot on the first few dates.



It may surprise you to learn that Ukrainian brides do not like to rush things when it comes to getting intimate, so you need to take it steady here and do not expect more than a kiss on the cheek for the first few dates. If you're expecting to jump into bed with her on the first date it will only mean one thing to her, that you are not a suitable candidate for marriage. 

If you are seeking a long term relationship it is important to take it steady and wait until at least 3/4 dates before you even think about getting too close to her. Of course if you are just after a one night stand then continue to proceed with your early affection and see where it gets you, maybe you will be luck but probably not, and do you really want to mess up your chances with a beautiful Ukrainian girl on the first date?

Of course a kiss on the hand at the first meeting and at the end of the date is always acceptable.

Generally the rule when meeting Ukrainain girls is kissing and getting affectionate comes after several dates and usually when you are a couple.

Fix: This is an easy one. Do not rush things.




Dating a Ukrainian lady. Mistake #8: Smoking & Drinking when she does not.



I am sure you have heard the  saying "First impressions count"  and this should always be remembered on any first date with a Ukrainian women. On any first date if your Ukrainian women does not smoke be sure you do not smoke, look at it the other way around and you did not smoke only to be met by a women who lights up a fag the moment you meet? nice? I do not think so and the same applies to drinking, if your Ukrainian women does not drink take it steady do not go drinking to much that you feel drunk.

Even if your date is drinking moderately or several glasses of champaign always keep a clear head especially on the first date. Of course if you land up being boy friend and girl friend there is no problem with having a few drinks and being merry on a night out with your Ukrainian girl.  As with most things in life use common sense.


Fix: Drink just a few glasses of wine for the first date and take it easy.




Meeting a Ukrainian girl. Mistake  #9: Failing to get her home safely.



When your going on a date with a Ukrainian women you need to remember an important point and that is these women are very traditional in their thinking , they expect to be treated in the correct manner and thinking of you as a gentleman they will expect you to ensure they get home safely after the date, and when they mean safely this will usually mean you taking her to her doorstep to be sure 100% she is home safe and sound.

Some times you may only have the option to call her a taxi and send her home in a taxi, but if you really want to show you care for her arrive with her at her door and make your own way home.


Fix:  Get her home safely at all costs. She wants to know that you are a man who is concerned for her protection doing so will show you really are marriage material.




Dating a Ukrainian women. Mistake. #10: Forgetting to plan another meeting.



If you are on a date with a Ukrainian women and you really think she is the one for you, your also getting the same vibes from her, when do not waste time in asking her what she likes to do during the evenings, maybe suggest going to the cinema together, but what ever you do be sure to get her phone number and give her yours.

If she has interest in you she will be waiting all evening for you to ask for another date.

Fix: It is simple. Take her phone number and plan another date!


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