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Are there any Reputable Russian dating sites?

Reputable Russian Dating Sites online



Every Russian, or Ukrainian, dating site will have somewhere on its pages the claim that they are a reputable dating site. That applies whether the business is a straight-up, honest one or a den of thieves hosting profiles from scammers and where the owners know that they are just stealing money from lonely men.


Whatever a site tells you about its reputation can be safely discarded because everyone says the same thing and words mean very little. After all, when was the last time you saw a website, of any kind, that said ‘we are dishonest scammers, and our purpose is to steal from you'?


This is a problem for people seeking love online; how can you find sites that will deal with you honestly and fairly and where you can hope to find the love and companionship you seek?

It Isn’t What They Say, But What They Do!


Yes, it can be that simple. We best know about how people will deal with us by what they do, rather than what they say. It is easy to make big claims but what does the dating site you are considering using do to back up those claims?


Again, there is an element of everybody saying the same things but, as a client, you can often test the truth of claims about specific aspects of a site that are designed to make it trustworthy; here are few pointers to look out for:


  1. 1. Does the site actively monitor profiles to make sure they are genuine?
  2. 2. Does the site remove profiles that are reported as belonging to scammers or that are bogus?
  3. 3. Does the site management positively react to customer service issues or do they brush you off and ignore you?
  4. 4. Are you being charged based on how much you communicate with any profile?
  5. 5. Is the site full of impossibly attractive young women all desperate to communicate with you?
  6. 6. Does the site have human moderators working to keep the place clean and safe for all the genuine users?


You Are The Best Security!


In the end, though, the best security on any Russian dating site is that which you provide for yourself! If you are realistic in your goals, take care to not fall for unlikely sob stories, take the time to build a real online connection before arranging to meet, then the chances are that you will be safe on many online dating sites. But you will save time, money and heartbreak by relying upon a reputable Russian dating site such as the one where you are reading right now!