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Russian  Brides Online– Beautiful Russian Brides For Marriage Can You Really Marry One? That Is The $64,000 Question We Hope To Answer


Have you decided to search for a Russian bride to marry? You will be happy to know Russia has some of the most beautiful women in Europe and probably the world! here we will give you the best possible tips to help you marry a real Russian bride, it is what you want? Then read on!


Russia has always been famed for having huge numbers of beautiful mail order brides who are looking for Western men for marriage and dating but is this really the case with Russian brides? We will find out soon enough.


But what is the crazy desire by so many Western men to marry a Russian bride? Most importantly can you find yourself a Russian bride for marriage? Yes you can! But it's not going to be as easy as 1-2-3 you will have to work at it today's modern Russian women are not as easy to catch as twenty years back, today many Russian women hold down fairly good jobs, have mortgages and all the luxuries most Western women have. Yes you really are going to have to be committed and ready to work at it.


We have been in the dating business for over a decade so know just about everything when it comes to marrying a Russian brides dating sites and we know how to ensure you succeed.




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What Are The Differences Between Russian Brides And Other East European Brides? Why Do So Many Men Wish To Marry A Russian Bride?


Everyone has their favorites when it comes to women, some guys are dead set on finding a Russian bride to marry, others prefer a Ukrainian bride and so on. Russian brides are a very popular choice for American men, many say it is because of the blonde hair , long legs and the tall slender body but you must remember Russia is just like any other country and you will find plenty of short, not so slim and older Russian brides also looking for love online.. Russia has recently become visa free for many countries including all of the EU countries so visiting Russia in search of a Russian bride to marry has never been so easy.


Why You Should Search For A Russian Bride Online For Marriage ? Is It Really That easy?



Before you start planning your trip to Russia in search of a Russian bride to marry it is important to understand that Russia is like any other country and you should not expect any Russian brides dating site you register at to be full of young beautiful Russian brides, always expect to see a broad mix of Russian women in all sizes and shapes. Yes Russia is certainly noted for beautiful women but that does not mean every woman. You should also understand that just like in any other country the most beautiful Russian brides are only going to be interested in a good looking guy who has something to offer.



Russia, like so many other Former Soviet Union countries, has an excellent education system meaning many of these beautiful Russian brides for marriage are much smarter than you think.

There are many types of Russian women and it is not possible to lump them all into one group.  Walking around Moscow you will bump into all sorts of beautiful Russian women for marriage on one of the busiest streets  is an absolute dream to walk down and admire the beautiful women.


One thing you will notice in Russia is the amount of blondes , some are absolutely stunning like none ever seen before. You will also notice many Russian women certainly know how to dress to impress and they like their guys to do the same. If you are planning to meet any Russian brides you should always try to make yourself look presentable, as they say First impressions count.



Russian Brides Stylish Or High Maintenance  Can I afford To Marry A Russian Bride?



Have ever noticed how these Russian brides will always look absolutely fabulous at all times, they take time to make sure they are looking great before going out in public , even after you marry her this habit is not going to change , unlike so many Western women after 12 months marriage the looking good for the husband bit is over. But you may be asking yourself are Russian brides "High maintenance" ? 


Some guys may worry about his women wanting to look stylish and beautiful at all times! "Is this going to cost the earth" He may wonder.

Like any woman in any other country some will be more high maintenance than others but let us be realistic here if you think you're going to be able to marry one of the most beautiful Russian brides on a budget think again! Yes of course it will cost you money to look after a young beauty, that is of course if you are even lucky enough to marry one. Always keep your expectations to a realistic search criteria , if you're not a kind of Brad pitt look alike and have a reasonable bank balance how do you really think you are going to look after such a beautiful woman? In such cases it is better to keep your searches to a more realistic level and maybe look for a more down to earth Russian bride.


Russian Brides Sexy Yet Sophisticated Looking For Marriage


You probably noticed Russian girls usually look fabulous and often extremely sexy , whether it is in jeans and a top or high heels with a short skirt, they know how to look super sexy but at the same time extremely sophisticated. So often is the case Western women simply give up looking nice for the husband after a few years of marriage this is not the case when you marry a Russian bride.


One of the biggest pastimes of many younger Russian girls is keeping themselves fit by regularly attending a gym and it's easy to see why a walk down any Russian street and you will be lucky to see any young overweight Russian women.




Ok Let's Get Down To Some Russian Bride Dating Tips? Tips For Marrying A  Russian Bride Here We Go!

Russian women's thoughts, idea's and lifestyle in terms of their culture will probably be very different from yours. When you marry a Russian bride you need to be prepared to have a woman next to you who probably has a totally different view to you on family life and values, something that has slowly disappeared from Western Culture. If you are ready for this and many Western men can just cannot wait to have such a women on his side.
A few dating tips will usually really give a little help when you're dating a Russian woman who has grown up in an environment completely different from your own. 
Firstly She's Going To Want To Know About You In Detail Yes All The Details!
If you're thinking of marrying a Russian bride you're going to have to have a pretty solid back story about yourself and good reasons why you are seeking a Russian girl for marriage. There are plenty of sex tourists around today or guys simply not interested in any serouse relastionship but just wanting a one night stand.
 You can expect a good grilling as to why you are inRussia and why you have decided to search for a Russian woman to marry, she will also want to know what you are expecting to get out of your first meeting with her. If you think visiting Russia for a few days will give you the chance for a few one night stands then think again! It will not be as easy as you think! 
One of the most popular questions asked by Russian brides to foreign men is “Why don’t you like the women in your home country?” You're going to have to have a good answer for that one, if you had a few bad relationships in your own country searching for a Russian woman will probably not fix it.
Let me tell you about this now as many guys who go searching for a Russian women will say something about they have had several relationships with  women in their own country and none never worked out, or maybe they went through a very bad divorce and there is still lots of bitterness towards the ex wife this in turn can often make you bitter to women in your own country., and probably towards women in their own country, but it is important to understand this is your choice and certainly not an excuse to seek a Russian women for marriage, in fact if these are your reasons then it is best to keep them to yourself as it maybe very off putting for a Russian women seeking a foreign husband.
When it comes to this question you really are going to have to think about it  and look at it from the perspective of the Russian women. She will probably not understand what you have been through and to be honest she is not really going to want to know about problems or bitterness towards your former partner or women from your own country. Remember this woman will be thinking about giving her life up in Russia and relocating to another country with basically a near stranger she does not know so much about. Your Russian single bride is going to want to know she is moving to a safe environment with a man in a stable mind.
It is very important to try to keep it calm but truthful when she comes round to this question. Be ready with your best anecdotes and details of your life that you want to share. I repeat, don’t lie, I'm going to say one more time "Don't Lie" If you do you may find any start of a relationship will come to a very abrupt ending, very abrupt. If there is one thing that Russian women do not like it is a man who tells lies and even more so when it comes to a foreign man.


Will A Russian Bride Be Easy To Catch? No She's going to play hard to get Be Ready To Work Hard!


Many guys from all over the world travel to Russia on the hope of some cheap one night stands with easy Russian women as they have seen many stories in Western media about poor Russian girls who will do absolutely anything to date a foreign man, this could of been the case twenty years ago however today it is a totally different situation, firstly there are considerably less Russian women looking to marry foreigners and the vast majority of the ones who are actively searching are considerably more picky than twenty years ago, there life in Russia is not so bad so no big Rush to find love. Be ready to put in some work and commitment to date and marry a Russian bride today.



Important Russian Brides Dating tip : Be persistent, be very very very persistent 


Let's not get off to the wrong idea here on this subject if you're out on a date with a Russian bride and she says "No" to anything that is exactly what she means! NO! You may even find that she does like you but is not willing to show you on the first meetings. Even if she really likes you she may not show it for a few days even a few weeks! So hold on in there, if she still wants to meet you then you know you're in with a chance! 

Now let cover another important issue here! Sometimes  may call her and she never answers or doesn't return your call for a few days! Do not go off on one whatever happens! She may not turn up for a date with you on time, but do not let this worry you, it is normal behavior for many Russian brides. If she is meeting you just come to understand that she IS interested in you even though she may not show it, even though she may not answer your calls immediately.

What is very important here is to stay committed and in the end it should pay off..




Meeting Your Russian Bride For The First Time What To Expect ?


Whilst searching for a Russian bride to marry you should remember these Russian women are receiving messages day and night from men all over the world seeking to marry a Russian bride and she certainly is  not going to be interested in putting her life on hold for some guy for months and months whilst he promises to come to Russia to meet her. many Russian brides are busy in their own lives and searching a foreign man maybe just a small part of their plan, if you are not serious or not in a position to travel to Russia within a month or two then you will probably be wasting your time and find it very difficult to find any Russian women who will put her life on hold until you arrive months if not years later.





What Will Your Russian Bride Be Expecting From You?


Russian women are naturally family-oriented and this is one of the biggest attractions for many Western men seeking a foreign bride.if you really want to break the ice with her it is a good idea to take some family photos , if you have kids take some of them along also, let her know that you are a family orientated guy who seeks a women to have a good family and raise the children in a traditional way with traditional family values, doing this will already put you in her good books.


It is important to understand that your Russian bride will be giving up everything in her own country to be with you so it is important to reassure her about your status back home, she is not going to want to arrive back to a house or apartment that is a total mess and even worse that is about to be repossessed. She will need to know that she will be in a safe trouble free environment. 
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Russian Brides How Much Do They Cost ?


Russia is not the cheapest country to visit especially if you are travelling from the USA with transAtlantic fares to pay , there is also the need for a visa though things are changing fast on the Visa issue as Russia opens its borders more to foreigners , many countries no longer require to make the complicated tourist visa any more.
If your traveling from the US you can expect to take from 11-13 hours. Traveling to Russia depending what part of the US you are coming from, so before you book your flight lets have a quick look at some general prices in Russia to give you an idea of what you need to have available to spend on any trips.
Russian food go for it!
Now just about everyone has heard of Borsch ? It's one of Russia's great wholesome foods and a staple food for many households , cabbage soup with beetroot and beef or sometimes Pork, though there are many different variations. If you're serious about marrying a Russian bride you just simply cannot forget the Borsch If you do there could be problems! If you're going to be a good husband it's best to learn how to make Russian Borsch.
Russian Restaurant Prices
If you're on a budget you're going to love Russia , but at the same time if you're looking for 5 star restaurants you will find plenty of them. As most guys are looking for budget or mid range restaurants your going to be pleasantly surprised with Russia , it is possible to have lunch and a beer with the locals at a local bar for under $5.00 Generally is you keep out of the tourist areas you can live and eat very cheaply in Russia.
Russian Transportation 
So you're going to arrive in Russia! You're going to need to get about town when you arrive in Russia and the great news for you is  public transportation is cheap and cheerful. You can expect a taxi to cost you about $15.00 for most travel around a city such as Moscow and you will be glad to know Uber and Yandex taxis operate all over Russia allowing you to get a cab online with ease even if your Russian is not so good. Moscow has one of the greatest metros in the world which is ultra efficient and inexpensive to use. Most parts of Moscow are only a short walk from a metro station so in fact you can travel around Moscow all day for less than $10.00. The good news is that it is also very safe to travel around Moscow in fact you are more likely to become a victim of a crime in your own country than you are in Moscow, now that is surprising isn't it?



Russian Hotels



Russia has come a long way in the last few years when it comes to hotels , gone are the days of old Soviet drab hotels , today all the major hotel chains operate in Russia. Most hotels cost as little as $50 a night though of course as with any city you can go top end and pay up to $800.00 a night, you can make all bookings for any hotels in all the major cities in Russia via . It is always advisable to do this and not let your Russian bride plan for you, it keeps you in control. and is much easier than you can imagine, in fact booking a hotel in Russia is no different to booking one in your home city, you will also find the vast majority of hotel staff speak English, so no language problems to worry about.

Buying Gifts For A Russian Bride!



One big mistake many guys make when going to meet a Russian bride for the first time is the idea that you need to arrive with a suitcase full of gifts for the women you are meeting and all of her family, of course it is always nice to give a small gift but keep it small probably less than $75 as you may even give the wrong impression to the lady and remember she is wanting to meet you not your wallet if she is genuine. If any Russian bride even questions what gifts you will be bringing to here or worse still makes you a shopping list then you should already understand that she really  has no interest in you other than your wallet.



Is It True All Russian Women Want To Marry A Foreigner? 



Many guys think every Russian woman is waiting to be rescued from a life of poverty in Russia by a foreign man looking to marry a Russian bride. You might find it hard to believe but not every woman in Russia is searching for a foreign husband in fact just a small percentage of Russian women are interested in meeting a foreigner most are perfectly happy in Russia, so if you're planning on arriving in Russia taking your passport out and flashing it about the bar whilst your sat drinking an expensive cocktail you will probably find that is not going to work for you, maybe it could of worked twenty years ago but in today's modern Russia the foreign passport will not help you much. Catching a Russian bride today for marriage is still possible but it is going to take some work and commitment by yourself and probably several trips to Russia, if you are ready for this then you really do have a chance of marrying a Russian bride.



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What Is The Best Russian Brides Dating Site? Are There Any Real Russian Brides Dating Sites?


There are many Russian brides dating sites on the net today but unfortunately over 85% of them are either poor quality or just scam sites.  But there is some good news and that is finding a real Russian brides dating site is as easy as 1-2-3. How do you check a site out so fast? Very easy just go to the first 5 pages if all you see is young photo models , all dressed immaculately in a semi sexy outfit with not an overweight woman in sight? Then it is all you need to know that the site is a FAKE Russian brides dating site. Finding a legitimate Russian dating site is not so hard. is a long established Russian brides dating site with a great reputation and thousands of success stories. It's free to register and takes just 2 minutes.  
Russian Brides Dating Information and Tips