Russian Singles and single Russian women

This article is specifically for Western men who are seeking single Russian women for marriage, here you will have a complete overview on the Russian singles scene 
along with all the information to help you succeed in finding your perfect Russian single women for marriage. 
1. Russian Singles Online & Russian Singles dating Advise
2. So' What's the best way to meet marriage minded singles
3. How Can I make A Good Profile On A Russian Singles Dating Site That Will Help Me Succeed 
4.  How To Be Proactive On A Russian Singles Dating Site And Guarantee Success! Yes Guarantee Success!  
5.   The Best Russian Singles Dating Site For 2019



 Russian Singles Online & Russian Singles Dating Site Advice


If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Western men who have decided to search for love and romance in Russia on a Russian singles site here are a few tips to help you succeed and have a quality online experience.

Firstly you need to realise Russia is a very different country than it was two decades ago and the Russian single women dating has changed considerably. Gone are the days when you could just turn up flash your passport about and fly home with a beautiful single Russian bride. Today you have to work considerably harder in the Russian singles game. In todays modern Russia many single Russian women hold down good jobs and live a good standard of living compared to twenty years ago. If you think Single Russian women are looking to escape the poverty of Russia you are very wrong. The option for Russian single women to move over seas has been declining recently with high standards of living coming in for many Russian women in the cities.


The major reason why Russian women decide to move overseas is that they cannot find love in Russia. For many Russian singles finding a good reliable and responsible man in Russia is not an easy task, this is where you have the chance to court a Russian women and try to win her heart.

Russian women out number men by about 12 million in Russia giving Russian men plenty of beautiful women to choose from, many Russian men take advantage of this often having several lovers. Along with the fact that Russian men often drink considerably all makes the search for single Russian women who are searching for a good man for marriage a hard task. Here you can take the opportunity to win the heart of a single Russian women.

Russian single women in modern Russia are also looking for love and romance with men in their own age group, many Western men still think it is possible to jump off the plane and pick up a Russian bride 20/30 years younger than themselves, unfortunately this in also very hard to do today most women are looking for a man in their own age range. Can you think of any good reason why a twenty five year old Russian girl would wish to marry a 55 year old man? If you think for money you are very wrong! there are plenty of wealthy Russian men also looking for single Russian women. If you really do think you can sign up to a Russian dating site for single Russian women and find a women half your age, then you are probably wasting your time.

Single Russian women in the large cities lead quality life styles with all the modern facilities any modern city has to offer. Moscow night life and Moscow night clubs compare to any other major city, if not better. You may even be in for a big surprise.



So, what’s the best way to meet marriage-minded Russian singles?



To sum it up all single Russian women are marriage minded. Marriage is the main aim in life for most Russian single women, it is something they have been brought up in life to expect.


But a very important point here to remember is the vast majority of Russian singles have no interest in relocating to another country or marrying a foreigner, most have tight knit families and along with friends and work many simply would not want to leave this behind. Another big factor is Russia is a very different country to what it was 20 years ago, many young Russian singles enjoy a relatively comfortable life, despite what you may have seen in some Hollywood movies.


The percentage of Russian women who would consider a foreign husband is very low probably less than 1% and even though it may not be easy to meet a good man in Russia many simply are not interested in foreign men. But the good news for you is Russia is a huge country and that small 1% equals a lot of single Russian women.


The best advice when deciding to travel to Russia is always connect with a few Russian singles first so to get an idea of these ladies mentality and to decide if you really do want to search for a Russian women for marriage. If you have been talking to a lady for a few weeks before you plan any trips you should have a good idea if this type of romance is for you or not.


And it will definitely save you a lot of money and wasted effort as compared to simply arriving in Russia and trying to meet singles who are open to marriage with a foreigner. many western men make the mistake of just arriving in Russia getting lots of interest from the local girls and coming to the conclusion every women wants to marry him and all women are interested in marriage, they are not! They are just inquisitive to meet a foreigner.


If you want to meet women in Russia who are single and looking to marry a foreigner then you will need to sign up to a Russian singles dating site first and make some acquaintances ready for your arrival in Russia.




How Can I Make A Good Profile On A Russian Singles Dating Site That Will Help Me Succeed ?




Be Individual


When making your profile always try to be as individual as possible , doing this will set yourself away from most profiles out there with the same story. Russian women like a mans bio that is interesting and different from the crowd. Try to avoid using the usual clichs like I am a good person I like to be happy Try a different approach and replace them instead with interesting points about yourself, if you are always happy say why you are always happy. Russian women searching through mens profiles soon become bored of profile after profile of the same clichs. Try to stay away from saying "Im just a simple man" many Russian women may miss read this to meet something like your a man living a simple life with a simple job on a low salary. Not that it means every Russian women is looking for a wealthy man.


Use Good Grammar 


Many of the beautiful women on are not native English speakers though many speak English to some level , Try to make an effort to write complete sentences, use proper grammar and punctuation, and avoid text speak and unclear abbreviations. If the lady uses a translator it will only work successfully if you have used correct spelling and gammer. Why risk a mix up with communication just for the sake of a few minutes getting your grammar correct.


Don't Share Too Much or Too Little


Many men while creating a profile will either cram too much information into their profiles or write almost nothing at all. Women are not interested in reading your whole life story on first contact; they are looking for details in general to see if you have any common ground. When it comes to writing your Bio it just comes down to a little luck not to much text to bore the women and not to little to make just skip your profile altogether. Write a little that may spark a women interest.



 Always Upload a Good Quality Recent Photo



A big mistake many men make is to upload poor quality photos where it is not even possible to see a clear image of yourself and don't make this biggest mistake of uploading photos of yourself from 10/20 years ago showing the ladies what you looked like in your youth, they will not be interested at this stage! A good profile photo can mean the difference between attracting many women and attracting none at all. If you decide not to upload a profile photo you will probably find that you will receive no response whatsoever, would you write to a lady with no photo? Always try to upload several clear and sharp images and preferably a close up of your face, women are always immediately attracted to a face shot.


Modify and Update Your Profile Regularly



If you do not seem to be achieving good results try to update your profile and add new photos. Try to log in every few weeks to add new photos , change your Bio and maybe put a little more information about yourself. Many sites have features for the ladies to check out men who recently uploaded new photos, so just by doing this may bring you in some extra responses.





How To Be Proactive On A Russian Singles Dating Site And Guarantee Success! Yes Guarantee Success! 



Only communicate with women in a realistic age group from yourself. 
As a rule of thumb, I’d always suggest that you don’t contact women who are significantly younger than you would expect to date at home. Don't fall for the same mistake so many Western men make and that is thinking you'r going to be able to date a women over half your age. Russian women do not date men 30/40 years younger than themselves, you may have seen it happen in a few Hollywood movies but in real life it simply does not happen. If you pursue women over 30 years younger than yourself your going to never get any where! Lots of men successfully marry Russian women, BUT these men are the guys who pursue women in a realistic age group from them selves. Stick to a maximum of 10/12 year age difference doing this you will find you really can find your single Russian women for marriage, that is the best bit of advice you will ever get when it comes to age.
Be proactive Be Successful 
 This is one of the most important tips when searching the Russian singles dating site, Be Proactive at all times, if you are signed up to a subscription Russian singles site it means you will have unlimited communication with all the ladies on the site, they also allow you to freely exchange contact information with all the ladies, meaning you can move any of your favorite Russian single women to Skype or What's App asap and continue communicating with these ladies even after your monthly subscription expires. Take advantage of that full access to all the ladies , make a plan to send to a min of 20/30 ladies that fit your search criteria each and every day, and stick to that plan for a whole month. You can even write to single Russian women who do not quiet fit your search criteria, so often is the case a guy will land up marrying a Russian single women who was not in his ideal search criteria, BUT after some small chat realized this women really was exactly who he was looking for, you have nothing to loose? So I will say again! Take advantage of your subscription and write to as many women as you can. A short introductory letter that can be copy pasted will do to get you going. It is also important to remember many women only log in once a week or even once a month, after a few weeks of sending your introductory letter out you will soon receive a steady flow of answers, you will then be able to select your favorites and continue a more personal correspondence.
The candy Shop effect do not let it happen to you at all costs! 
Ok so your going to be thinking now "The candy shop effect" What on earth is that? You may not think this is important, but trust me! It is  one of the biggest stumbling blocks for 90% of men signed up to a Russian singles dating site. It is also one of the biggest reasons why so many foreign guys get stuck on Russian singles dating sites not getting any where, often they can be stuck for 3/4/5 years never really getting any where. So what actually is the "Candy shop effect"? Often a guy will start communicating with a women , he likes here, she seems to like him, they have been chatting a few days getting to know each other, her name is Olga and she lives in Moscow, all is great. The next day the guy checks his "Inbox" and hey presto there is a message from a beautiful women from St Petersburg, Olga from Moscow is dropped like a brick as the guy suddenly becomes interested in what he thinks is a better option, this scenario can go on for months and years! 
If you meet a lady and start communicating with her at least give it some time and take the online relationship a little further before dropping her for what you think is a better option, ok you can do this in the first week or two whilst finding a few favorite women, but after that it is advisable to stick to one or two favorites and continue the communication with them for a while at least. Follow this advise  and you should not find yourself on any Russian singles dating sites for too long.



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