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Are there any Trusted Russian Dating Sites?

Trusted Russian Dating Sites


For men who have been looking for a foreign wife for a while, the question that might be asked is ‘Are there any Trusted Russian dating sites?' It seems to most searchers that there are no sites that can be trusted. Over the years there have been many sites designed to help men meet women from Russia and the other Russian speaking countries of the FSU (Former Soviet Union). Most of those businesses acquired a terrible reputation, but there have always been some, a minority, who have tried to build and keep a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.


Trust Is Built By Actions Not Words


If you know that most foreign dating sites are untrustworthy the first thing to check into when looking for a reliable partner in your search for love is what the site you are looking at does. What systems do they implement to make sure that their clients are protected from scams from other clients and from dishonesty by the site owners and managers.


There are several things that a site owner can do to build trustworthiness into their business here are a few suggestions to look out for:


  1. 1. Does the site have a clear statement of policy about how they deal with customer complaints?
  2. 2. Does the company have a clear policy for how they deal with scammers? This should be more than a generic ‘we ban scammers’. A trustworthy site will have proactive systems to find and remove fake profiles and scammers.
  3. 3. Does the company charge for each communication? This practice discourages dating sites from getting rid of scammers because the site itself benefits from the scammers' activities and sometimes even is part of the process!
  4. 4. Does the company have both human and automated systems to catch fake profiles and scammers based upon their experience and knowledge or do they rely on clients telling the management about suspect profiles?
  5. 5. Is the site you are looking filled with impossibly attractive female profiles seeking relationships with men with wildly inappropriate age gaps?
  6. 6. Does the business respond well to questions that you ask about processes and systems that protect men from con tricks and scams?
  7. 7. If the site does not actively support U.S IMBRA legislation that is a strong signal that the site should not be used. IMBRA requirements are a necessary part of the visa process for all U.S based clients, and without IMBRA support it will be hard to bring a potential wife to the United States. While this does not apply to men from other countries, the lack of this support is a red flag for all male clients!

Share The Responsibility!


Conmen and scammers are supposed to have a saying: You can't cheat an honest man. Men can save themselves from almost all forms of scams on any online dating site just by being realistic in their expectations and not falling for fake sob stories. If the woman with whom you are communicating seems too good to be true, then she probably is. If you are unsure, a trustworthy Russian dating site will probably be able to advise you about whether a woman seems to be a realistic match. Of course, you can not expect them to vet every profile that you look at but try them out about a woman you are seriously interested in, but you have some reservations!


So, keep it real, look for a site that offers genuine support to their clients and that does everything they claim to do, and you will almost certainly have found one of the few remaining trusted Russian dating sites!