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Are There Any Real Russian Dating Sites Or Apps? Can I Really Find A Real Russian Dating Site?


Top Tips to help you find The Best Real Russian Dating Sites & Apps In 2020


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Real Russian Dating Sites Do They Actually Exist? Let's Learn Some facts
Now that is the 24 Thousand $ question! Do real Russian dating sites really exist? the answer to this is simple "Yes" they do exist but very few of them, in fact about 90% Of Russian dating sites are either not real Russian dating sites or they are fake/poor quality sites out to extort your hard earned cash. You maybe asking yourself "How am I ever going to find myself a real Russian dating site?"  
Well the good news is it is as easy as 1-2-3 to spot a genuine real Russian dating site and takes nothing more than a little common sense. Below is information and tips to help you find a real Russian brides dating site where you really will have an opportunity to find love and romance in Russia. Please enjoy.



Information and Tips to Help Find a Genuine Real Russian Dating Site



Any search of the internet for seemingly legitimate Russian dating sites will show you web sites full of model-like beauties. Should you check them out? Is there any chance some of these beautiful women really can be genuine and searching for a foreign husband? You have seen all the Hollywood movies right? Its always cold in Russia, Russian women will do any thing to escape the poverty in Russia and of course the drunkard husband.


However, before you embark on your new journey to find your Russian beauty take a little time to think first 8 things you need to check about the site to ensure it is legitimate and a genuine Russian dating site.


In today’s modern internet world, there is a plethora of online businesses  that are swift to take your money but you may get little to nothing in return other than problems, a broken heart and probably loss of lots of cash. Today it is most important to only sign up to one of the few genuine Russian dating sites.

Russia is a long trip for many so why not make sure the women you are connecting with really are who you think they are.

If you really want to succeed from the beginning it really is important to find yourself a Real genuine trusted dating site, where you will not have problems from the day you sign up. It is important to sign up to a web site that is fully transparent , where you can be sure you will be getting what you promised. 


How To Ensure You Only Sign Up To A Real Russian Dating Site
One of the biggest problems facing many guys who decide to sign up to a Russian Dating site is the complete loss of common sense immediately upon looking at just a few pages of any Russian Dating site, yes it takes just two minutes looking at those young beautiful women on every page to completely forget about common sense or any sense of reality, everything is out of the window. All that comes to mind is "I want one of those beautiful young women as my wife"  You already know that genuine Russian Dating sites are not full of beautiful young women all looking stunning all under 35, all dressed like they just walked off the cat walk, BUT you still decide to forget about reality.
Finding your love on a genuine Russian Dating site is as easy as 1-2-3 providing you use common sense. It is as easy as that.


So lets discuss what a legitimate real Russian dating site really is?


Certain Things that define legitimate Real Russian dating sites


                                                                                                                                           FAKE                                                                                                        Real




Firstly the vast majority of Russian dating sites on the net are fake or operated by some crooks after your money, but the good news is Real trusted Russian dating sites do exist. 

Men decide to sign up to Russian dating sites for many reasons, their friend married a Russian women, there is a Russian women in your town who is always dressed smartly, you have seen them in the movies. One thing is for sure these Slavic women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. If you have a Slavic wife you will stand out from the crowd,

You may be surprised to know that Russian women are usually very educated its not uncommon for any Russian women to have a degree and higher education, dating a Russian women can be very interesting especially when it comes to conversation,  If you like smart intelligent women then a Russian women is a must for you.

Beauty and brains? What a great combination to have!

But that is not all! 

Did you know Russian girls are brought up from a young age to be family oriented ? Though to be honest this is changing pretty fast as more and more Russian women are discovering they like their independence just like their Western counterparts, how long the culture of "Family orientated " Russian women will last is anyones guess. Another great point about Russian women is their loyalty and devotion to their man, nothing has changed there for hundreds of years.


So why are there so many single women in Russia looking for a partner?

The truth of the matter is there are more women in Russia than men , for every 85 males there are 99 women. Though this reason makes more single women available in Russia than most countries it doesn't mean every Russian women is looking for a foreign partner. Many young Russian sign up to legitimate Russian dating sites out of curiosity , but the fact is that only a very few will stay signed up and consider relocating to another country.

There are several things to consider when signing up to a Real Russian dating site.

1. If you consider the Russian women on these dating sites are simply signing up to escape the poverty in Russia you will probably find yourself on a bad web site , full of young beauties telling you how bad their life is, how they have no phone, no food or no clothes to go out in. You need to totally forget about the notion that you are rescuing some poor girl from a terrible life in Russia. In fact most young women in Modern Russia do not have such terrible lives, most have a reasonable living standard and enjoy going out, travelling and shopping just like their Western counterparts.



So which type of Russian dating site should you be using?


1. Membership or PPL


PPL stands for “pay per letter” It is the most used system of scamming Western men out of their money whilst searching for a Russian women for marriage.

PPL sites and Legitimate Russian dating sites are like chalk and cheese.

PPL sites offer you fantastically young beautiful women just waiting to be rescued from a life of poverty in Russia.

Legitimate Russian dating sites have NORMAL women , just like all other main stream dating sites, fat, thin, tall , short, beautiful , ugly the list goes on.

  • 1. Im sorry to tell you beautiful young women are not chasing guys  out of desperation in any countries, well not real young women in any case.

To sum it up if you are using a Pay-per-letter site you are doing nothing more than using virtual phone sex company, but instead of talking about sex the women are talking about marriage.

  • 2. The bottom line is  employees of PPL sites impersonate beautiful young brides and get paid to pretend to be interested in you and write messages. It is made possible by you paying for each communication.

The most important point for you to remember is PPL sites = Total scam and nothing more!

  • 3. Legitimate international Russian dating sites charge membership fees for a period of time usually 1/3/6/12 months just like most other ,mainstream dating sites.
  • 4. Legitimate Russian dating sites that have real Russian women do not charge per letter, you are allowed unlimited contact with all the ladies on the site and totally free to exchange contact information, thus making it easier for you connect with the ladies off site at their own convenience .T

2. No bait and switch


Often on real legitimate Russian dating sites and just as in many main stream dating sites you may encounter girls working for PPL web sites, they are there for one purpose only and that is to try to make  you switch web sites , its called "Bait and switch"  To be honest only fools get caught out by these scammers as who in their right mind is going to switch from a Russian dating site that allows you unlimited contact to a site that is PPL where you will probably be charged up to $10.00 for one letter. If any women try this scam on you always be sure to report them to admin so their profile can be removed from the web site.


3. No Sexy or Erotic lingerie shots



It is a requirement during photo shots for PPL schemes to provide “sexy erotic” type of photos for the dating profile on the PPL site. Otherwise, guys don’t get enough visual stimulation to open their wallets and spend they hard earned cash on chats for weeks , months and often years.

Most women signed up to Real legitimate Russian dating sites will only upload normal photos, just like the type they upload on social web sites such as VK or Facebook. If any women contact you have erotic photos a red flag should immediately go up.


4. You are not swamped by letters from beautiful young women



On Real legitimate Russian dating sites, members are often hesitant to contact someone. It is the biggest problem of legitimate singles hangouts, how to make users to contact each other. Everyone is just browsing and too shy to initiate. Many real Russian dating sites have features such as "Match " tools or "Ice breaker" features to help members initiate contact.

On genuine Russian dating sites female members may send you a “interest”  but you will rarely get a letter with a few paragraphs of affectionate loving talk and how they really think you will be their perfect partner. You are more likely to get small short messages to break the ice such as "Hello how are you" leaving it for you to continue the conversation.

Usually on Real Russian dating sites you will receive letters from the not so pretty ladies  first as they are not receiving so much attention from the men. The young pretty ones  can be much more selective so expect lots of work to get these ladies to communicate with you. If your a young and handsome man it will help for sure.


5. Not so many women answer your mails



In an ideal world all the hot girls you like would love you back they will answer all your messages and dream all day to meet you. But this is not a reality, and you know it.

Normally, if you send 10 female members a “wink” "Hello" "Smile", only 2-3 will write back.

And that’s what you should expect! Most ladies, however, simply won’t respond. For girls it’s easier to ignore a message than explain “why not”.


6. Believable success stories





Legitimate sites connecting international singles have a reasonable success rate. Therefore, they will have some success stories of married couples. Often it will be their wedding photos. 

Pairs that are happy in their relationships want to thank the website that helped them to find each other and encourage others who are just seeking their soul mates.

You  will notice Real legitimate Russian dating sites success stories will not have happy couple's where the man is 65 and met his 25 year old beautiful Russian bride, we all know this does not happen in real life.You should look out for success stories from normal couples in a normal age groups.



Can I really meet a genuine Russian woman online and get married to her?

The answer to this is defiantly yes, providing  you use some common sense, stick to a realistic age group for partner searches and stay well away from any PPL Russian dating sites.
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