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New Study Claims To Show Why 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'

It’s been decades since the famous actress Marilyn Monroe ruled the silver screen. But, according to a recent study, it seems gentlemen still prefer blondes in fact the vast majority of men still prefer the blonde. Researchers also found that men judge women with blonde hair to be ‘significantly’ younger and healthier-looking than brunettes or redheads. And, falling to prey to the old stereotypes, they also judged blonde women to be more promiscuous when it comes too dating. However, while this gave blondes the advantage when it comes to dating, brown-haired women have a slight advantage when it came to marriage – as they are judged to have greater ‘parenting potential’ and a more serious attitude to relationships, sounds crazy? yes! But it is true.

A recent study of 110 men, led by Augsburg University in Minnesota, follows previous research that blondes get more tips as waitresses in restaurants and are more likely to be offered help by men, they are also more likely to be chatted up in a bar or restaurant than the brunette.

Psychologists showed the men computer-generated photographs of women with blonde, brown or black hair to test their reactions.

Researchers found the men rated women with lighter hair as being more attractive and having greater relationship potential than those with black hair. There was little difference between blondes and brunettes for these measures. However, after just an instant of the men viewing the pictures of women from the shoulders up, blondes were seen as being significantly younger looking and more healthy than brunettes. 


Research also showed the men considered the blondes to be much more promiscuous than brunets or redheads. Generally men always consider blondes easy to chat up or pick up for a date.



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