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Top 5 Russian Online Dating Sites


Top 5 Russian & Ukrainian Online Dating Sites


Russian women are some of the most sought after in the world, and for good reason. Feminine, oozing sex appeal and in need of a man who can dominate and lead them. Lucky for those planning a trip to Russian online dating is alive and well, and pipelining prior to your trip can set you up with a few solid leads to work with once on the ground.


Before you start your search for a genuine and reputable Russian dating site you need to be sure the Russian dating site you have decided to use is in the top 5 Russian dating sites, why? Thats an easy question to answer, 
many of the Russian dating sites out there are poor quality or total rip off only interested in extracted your hard earned cash for a bad service. It is very important to search for a web site with a great reputation and strong scammer 
control, scammer control being a very important point, far to many web sites do not do a good job when it comes to this issue.
You will find many reviews of Russian and Ukrainian dating sites on the internet, unfortunately many are fake reviews created with the intention of promoting a web site as a trusted Russian dating site. Always check the web site doing the review is a well known web site, not something that has been knocked up over night to create a false impression. 
A few tips to look out for whilst searching for a top 5 Russian dating site:
1. The web site has been well established.
2. The web site has active scammer control.
3. The web site is not full of young beautiful women in their 20's.
4. The web site is run transparently i.e.. you can see who owns and operates the business.
5. The web site makes no false promises. No web site can guarantee to find your love.
6. The web site does not operate a PPL system where you pay for each letter you open from the ladies.
Often the top 5 or even top 10 Russian and Ukrainian dating sites will be Western owned and managed so you can be sure of a reasonable customer service from them, it is important to know they will answer any questions you may have promptly , to many web sites fail on this, you can be waiting several days for a reply many will even fail to answer you.
Today there are only a small handful of trusted Russian and Ukrainian dating sites luckily is one of the few good sites out there offering a genuine and trusted service to guys searching for love and romance 
in FSU countries.