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Can I Marry A Rich Russian Women ?
Despite media stories and the usual stereo type thinking about Russia being a poor country with poor desperate Russian women seeking marriage with Western men for a better life, most of which is totally untrue. Russia is a huge country in fact the largest in the World  where you will find thousands and thousands of successful young and middle aged women who have been successful in their lives. Russia is just like any other country in the world and has plenty of wealthy women also seeking marriage and love, some divorced with children some single , the situation in Russia is little different from many other countries when it comes to wealthy Russian women for marriage.

Why Marrying Rich Russian Women Is Always A Good Option




According to the experience of those, who have successfully married rich Russian women, this is the best way to successfully find the love of your life. Why is it so? There are several reasons why it is so:


  • 1. They won’t marry you for your money or to just seek a Green Card. There is no sense as usually they will have their own apartment , a good job and live very comfortably how they are. No need to marry a man with the purpose of a little travel and gifts, these women already travel the world and have their own income.
  • 2. Often wealthy Russian women will come from a good background and have strong family values. Marrying such a women will ensure your future children are also brought up in a good environment with good family values. Usually Wealthy Russian women are highly educated and you can expect the same with any future children with her.
  • 3. Many rich Russian women have wealthy parents who are usually only too pleased to ensure their  daughter has a financially secure future. This will usually mean you and your family will have a comfortable life.


It is important to point out at this stage that marring a rich Russian women is not an easy task. You will not be able to impress her with your salary or your current state of affairs neither will you be able to impress her with your holiday travels, do not be surprised if she is far more travelled than yourself. She does not need money and certainly does not "Have" to marry a man with money as she has her own income.

You will also need to be sure of your own finances when seeking a rich Russian women to marry as she will certainly not be expecting to support you for a few years even if she did consider it. And she will certainly not be looking to down grade from her current comfort zone at your expense , so if you are seeking a meal ticket in Russia you may find yourself very disappointed. 


One very positive point about searching for a Russian women with a good career is your chance of being scammed will be nearly zero, these women simply do not need any money from you and certainly will never ask for it, of course you will need to remember it is Russia and you certainly will be required to settle any restaurant bills at least in the early days of courting. If you think turning up to meet a wealthy Russian women in Russia will save you some money think again!



Where To Search For A Rich Russian Bride?




If you are seeking Russian women who has her own good income is financially stable with a good job or career then you need search one of the many FSU (Former Soviet Union) women dating sites out there and refine your search to women with a "Good Income" this is easy to do with any advanced search feature on many of the Russian dating sites out there. If you really wish to impress one of these women is is always a good idea to find a reliable florist in Russia as she will certainly appreciate flowers from you and not because you need to spend money on here but because as they say "The thought always counts"



Relocating To Russia To Live With Your Wealthy Russian Bride Is This Possible?




Many Western men in fact relocate to Russia to be with their loved one, there is nothing unusual about this and many guys actually make it the point of their mission to meet and marry a Russian women and move to her country and start a new life in Russia. There are many many advantages of this strategy, If you have a reasonable income then Russia certainly can be a very comfortable country to live in despite the many negative stories you may see in the Western media. 


Good luck with your searches for a Rich Russian women.